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PM Narendra Modi: Co-screenplay And Co-dialogue Writer Of The film, Anirudh Chawla Speaks About His Biggest Challenges

‘How much cinematic liberty could I take as a writer? Which perspective ought I choose? Would I appear biased against him, or would the film seem like his propaganda? How would I dramatise an event like the 1975 Emergency, and yet keep it realistic? As it is there was no record of what Modi said 40 years ago, so how would I write dialogues for him, keeping in mind his personality as we know it now?’

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Is The Internet Causing A Climate Crisis?

A one MB email during its life cycle emits 20 grams of CO2, roughly equivalent to a 60 W bulb being lit for 20 minutes. Sending just 20 emails a day by every user for a user could emit as much CO2 as a car travelling a 1000 kilometres.

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