14-Year-Old Ashna Dua’s Book Becomes Amazon Bestseller On Day 1

Ashna Dua, a fourteen-year-old Indian, recently authored an adventurous book that has been sitting on her laptop since she was nine. On the day of release, “Joe Saves Florida and Other Adventures” became an Amazon bestseller, topping as…

Number 1 in ‘Children’s Mysterious and Curiosities’ (Books)

Number 1in ‘Hot New Releases’ in Fantasy

Number 1 in ‘Children’s History’ (Books)

Number 2 in ‘Short stories’ (Kindle Store)

Number 2 in ‘Movers and Shakers’ (Kindle Store)

Number 2 in ‘Short Stories’ (Books)

Number 6 in ‘Fantasy’

Number 47 in ‘Kindle Store’ (Overall)

Joe Saves Florida and Other Adventures is an exciting new novel for kids between 6-12

The book is about a boy who dreams of being a superhero and wants to save people. He finally gets the chance when he has an encounter with a talking squirrel but faces some unforeseen circumstances when he unexpectedly turns into a terrifying vampire. The book is perfect for children between the ages of six to twelve. It’s an exhilarating read full of different threats, problems, and relationships that will warm your child up and keep them interested.

According to Ashna Dua, the author, “Joe faces challenges that he has to overcome in each chapter like when Florida gets infested by hideous monsters and trolls, or when all the animals in Kenya become savage and attack anyone who gets close. This book is about how Joe solves these issues. You’re going to have to read to find out more. I really hope you like it.”

She further gleefully added, “Yesterday, my book was ahead in the rankings of a few of the Harry Potter books. Considering this is my first book and on the day of its launch it was ahead of my favourite series, really got me excited!”

Incidentally, Ashna is a ninth-grader and wrote “Joe saves Florida and other adventures” when she was in her third grade, although she is only getting it published now. She is a complete bookaholic and has a passion for reading fictional books and a voracious appetite for them. She plays the guitar, loves singing, and is constantly listening to music. She’s also a heartbeat away from a provisional black belt and has been skating for eight years.

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