2018: 6 Ways To Make It A ‘Money-Wise’ Year

Is there a better way to start the  2018 New Year than to make resolutions you can’t keep. But honestly, you have to try. The idea and planning you put into making a long list of resolutions are quite fun. In keeping with the spirit of striving to save money these past few months, it’s only fair if my resolutions reflect my resolutions for 2018.

In no particular order of importance, I’ve made a list that might help me save more and spend wisely.

1. I have to become debt free, or at least work towards it. Thankfully this isn’t the most difficult because I have a small education loan that needs to be paid off. But instead of expecting my parents to shoulder that burden, I’m going to ask them to help me figure out a repayment method. Get that debt off of my books is going to be my priority.

2. I’m not promising myself to spend less but it’s not easy to support big expenses with one job. Since I have enough time around my work and weekends off, I’ll find a fun, less demanding way to raising a source of side income.

3. I’m going to start an emergency fund that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’ll park it in a savings account so I can use it should an emergency arise; and I will diligently set aside a small amount for it every month.

4. I’ll attempt to understand investments better; Mutual funds, shares, equity, bank accounts, interest rates. For half of these things and more, I only understand the tip of the iceberg. I’m quite curious to know what’s under the sea.

5. I have to start eating more healthy. This is a bit out of line in terms of the theme of this list, yet, not quite. The healthier I eat, the less medical bills I need to pay. And if I learn cooking in the process, I’ll save a whole lot of my beautiful, hard earned, dear money.

6. I’ll make an annual budget for 2018 with reasonable goals so I can check everything off of this list same time next year.


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