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Sonam Wangchuk

Sonam Wangchuk

The 4th Natural Building Course ended on 14h August which saw 19 architects, engineers and enthusiasts from different parts of the world come to Ladakh, to learn the science and application of different types natural materials. This was done mostly using earth as the building material and the Sun as the energy/heating source. After learning about different earth techniques in the first week, they learnt the theory and application of passive solar design for individual houses and townships in the 2nd week. The last two days were used to apply their learning to the proposed University township in Phyang.

Participants to the 2-week course came from Nepal, France, Switzerland, Canada, UK, and of course different parts of India. Among Indians, this time there were two on deputation from the Sikkim government, apart from four Ladakhis.

International Natural Building Course Ends At Secmol Alternative School

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At a time when the Ladakhi youth feel compelled to leave for different parts of the country for education, SECMOL Alternative School has tried to go against the current, to establish Ladakh as a learning centre, where professionals from around the world would come to learn from Ladakh’s experiences.

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This could, in the future, soon pave the way for the proposed International university in Ladakh.
This is the 4th such course, since 2013, and in 2017, we hope to do a mega-festival of courses on different themes like earth, sun, ice, fire, permaculture,  eco-tourism, entrepreneurship and so on.

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Stay tuned! Registrations will start very soon!

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