A Woman In A Gentleman’s Game…


Breaking conventions of female characters on television, producers Abhinay & Ajinkya Deo and Star Plus can take a bow for their two month old show “TAMANNA” which airs every weekday at 10 p.m.

The show revolves around Dharaa (Anuja Sathe), a girl who dreams of becoming a professional cricketer, and the challenges she faces when the game is left behind in the daily rigours of a marriage that turns shallower by the day.

Leaving behind an abusive husband, taking her little daughter with her, Dharaa walks away from the marriage and returns home to a devastated, yet understanding family.

What makes a strong case for this show is not the premise of a girl with a big dream and unsurmountable challenges, but rather the transformations at every level, once she returns.

Well etched characters played out by a bunch of rock-solid actors who have years of experience, the story has now shifted to Meerut, where the protagonist must coach students of a school divided by the Hindu-Muslim strife.

A big chunk of the credit for “TAMANNA” goes to the show’s writers, Saumya Joshi, Jigna Vyas and Rushik Rawal for working genuinely towards building a great story and (hopefully) not surrendering to the wishes of TRP’s, the bane of every writer!!

It reiterates the fact that good writers will always be the foundation of good television content.

Of course, the story takes the support of cliches to make a point, every now and then, and occasionally meanders, slowing down the pace, “TAMANNA” is still appreciable television viewing and highly recommended.

The emergence of the protagonist’s character from a quiet woman trapped in a bad marriage to a strong coach who takes potshots at the system, the kids and the stuck-up ideas of people divided by religion, is what makes you return for the next episode each time. What makes this character who she is, is her family backing her – most importantly, her father (Kiran Karmarkar), her grandmother (Ketaki Dave) and her coach (Harsh Chhaya).

Let’s hope that channels will start seeing value in great writing and not “nahin! nahin! nahi!” moments of annoying soaps!

IndiaPages Rating: ★★★★

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