Ace Your Business Etiquette; Here’s How…

The concept and understanding of etiquette have always been perceived to be restricted to a “selective society” wherein only the “elite” possessed the polished craft of presenting and executing themselves well. Etiquette is not about having airs and graces but rather conducting oneself in the most naturally graceful manner for social success.

When an individual practices a psychologically pleasing behavioural code, not only does it instil confidence in any social setting but also helps to maintain and strengthen all kinds of relationships. On a professional front, the way you conduct yourself, understand and treat others determines for the success of your designation.

  • Punctuality never goes out of style:

From board meetings to formal occasions, being on time is the most popular modality of displaying the seriousness you hold about your work, which in turn leaves an impression and builds an individual’s positive business image. Submit your projects beforehand instead of waiting for the deadline to arrive. Always arrive office or at a given location on time. This way, mishaps or errors due to urgency of completion can also be avoided.

  • Develop mindful communication:

In a formal conversation, one must always assure to be mindful. Avoid informal phrases and diction that portray disrespect to the opposite person. Listen and assess the received information before responding. Body language must rest in a calm and composed manner. Fathom the proximity required between you and the opposite communicator; restrict being too close or too far while communicating. Maintain eye contact throughout the conversation. Nodding or smiling during the interaction sends a message that you are keenly interested and vested in the subject or topic.

  • Dress appropriately and maintain personal hygiene:

Pristinely pressed and laundered office wear is preferred. Avoid misfitting garments, extremely loud prints and colours that draw unnecessary attention and divert business conversations. Dress according to your job type as every industry demands unique and personalised dress codes. Basic personal hygiene and grooming include well-brushed hair with proper up-do, trimming off nails, avoiding bad breath and body odour.

  • Master business dining:

Dining with colleagues and prospective clients is tremendously different from that of dining with family and friends. The conversations at the table must exclude sensitive topics like politics and religion. Phones must be kept on silent and placed away from the table. Knowing how to use the utensils and cutlery allows for a civilised and relaxed formal dining. The usage of utensils placed on the table must be in the order of moving outside-in. Good posture while being seated is necessary. Avoid talking while chewing food. If you are a frequent traveller, researching dining etiquette of different countries and cultures prove to be fruitful.

  • Proof-read emails and reports:

Checking your composed email before sending it is crucial. A minor spelling error or a missing punctuation mark can leave a careless impression about you. It is also important to check the tone of the message. The greetings, salutations and the subject matter must be professionally appropriate. The reports must be precise and accurate. Recheck your data or business information before sending, as misinformation could lead to opaque relationships and misunderstandings.

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About the Author

Tenzin Chodon
Tenzin Chodon
The Author is an Entrepreneur, Cross-cultural communication trainer and Executive Coach.