Amazon Launches Amazon Video Direct, A New Video Service

Amazon video direct

Amazon on Tuesday launched it’s new video service called Amazon Video Direct. This move comes into place from amazon to eat into a share of the Video streaming services provided by Google’s Youtube.

According to reports, Users will be allowed to post videos on amazon video direct to earn royalties from it. Users may see content by either owning or renting content, view for free with ads or be packaged together and offered as an add-on subscription.

This service will compete directly with one of the biggest players in this space, Youtube. Youtube also offers users view for free with ads or Youtube Red which is a $10 per month subscription.

Amazon has also signed up several partners for the service, including Conde Nast Entertainment, the Guardian, tech blog Mashable and toymaker Mattel Inc. The company will make these video services available in United States, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Japan as of now.