Anant Ambani Is New Poster Boy For Weight Loss Aspirants

Image Courtesy: Indian Actors Gallery Facebook

The media and internet were taken by storm when a new and slim Anant Ambani was seen on tv screens during an IPL match a few days ago. Anant has lost a staggering 108 kgs in just 18 months, which seems a miracle of sorts. It is said that Anant was keen on losing weight before his 21st birthday and it is commendable that he has done the same with a lot of hard work and most importantly – will power.

Anant went through a daily exercise regime that included a 21 km walk, yoga, functional training along with weight and cardio training. He maintained this  strict regime for more than 500 days and the results are amazing. And now this young hero has become the New Poster Boy For Weight Loss Aspirants.

Said proud mother Nita Ambani on Facebook “The transformation by #AnantAmbani requires tons of dedication, grit and pure hard work. Dedication and willpower to the next level. Way to go!  Inspirations for all of us struggling to be fitter & healthier,” Yes, we agree.

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