‘N’ Early Christmas: Leo Mattel’s Generous Toys Give Away On Sunday

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A packaged courier arrives for Angel Xpress Foundation in June 2013 . On opening it, there is a flutter among 200 children, all vying the brand new Barbie doll accompanied by a Unicorn!! One gift and so many takers, left founder Anubha Sharma in a fix! How was she going to decide a worthy receiver for this toy, and leave a 199 children disappointed?

Angel Xpress Foundation 1A wish is made: Anubha posted the image on Facebook and reached out to her network. 199 kids were hoping to have one new toy, probably for the first time in their lives. They had done old ‘toy and clothes’ give-aways before, but could this be possible ?

A wish is fulfilled: Ruchita Dhar, who runs First Moms Club, a Facebook group with more than fifty thousand mothers, and her fellow moms turned into Fairy Godmothers and waved their magic wand. A big wish came TRUE! Every child’s yearning was fulfilled and they went home starry-eyed, hugging more than one new toy close to their hearts!

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Angel Xpress Foundation 8 Christmas has arrived early

Incidentally, Saturday and Sunday October 1st and 2nd mornings are going to witness some grand magic!! The Big Daddy of Toyland, Leo Mattel has decided to play Santa Claus and give every one of the thousand Angel Xpress children brand new Barbie and Hot Wheel toys!  If you want to watch JOY unfold or add to Santa’s bag of goodies, look up at the center closest to you and drop in at the given times. Christmas has just arrived early.

Angel Xpress Foundation

The Angel Xpress Foundation is a Mumbai-based non-profit organization; working towards empowering the educated affluent with the desire to give back to society with the means to do so in an impactful manner for the betterment of underprivileged children from the slums of Mumbai. AXF has created an opportunity for students from affluent schools; especially for those who are assigned social service duties as part of their CAS or SUPW curriculum. Student from various schools such as Ecole Mondiale School, Billabong, Jamnabai Narsee School, Bombay Scottish and Cathedral are regularly involved at volunteering and working with kids at AXF either on weekdays or weekends.

Angel Xpress Foundation 5 If your school or community wishes to explore a partnership with AXF and adopt their format, do write to info@angelxpress.org to know more please visit www.angelxpress.org



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