Art To The Rescue Of Artisans…Fundraiser For Odisha

The Cyclone Fani, that caused havoc in Odisha just a few weeks ago, has passed but left in its wake losses estimated at over Rs. 9,000 crores. Odisha is known for some of its most loved traditional art forms – ‘Pattachitra, Tussar paintings, Taalpatra’ among others. The artisan families have lost much more than can be counted in just numbers.

The Art Village at Karjat, which is a residential space dedicated to art and art lovers, has decided to become the channel for helping some of these dedicated artisans of Raghurajpur rebuild their lives.

Raghurajpur is a heritage crafts village near Puri in Odisha known for its master artists and craftsmen. This village keeps alive art forms like Pattachitra paintings and Talapatra (palm leaf) engravings, which date back to the 5th century BC. This village is home to six other crafts like Tussar paintings, stone and wood carvings, wooden, cow dung and papier mache toys, and masks.

Every home in Raghurajpur has been affected by the recent cyclone in Odisha (Orissa). Almost every roof in the village has been damaged either by the force of the wind or by falling trees, leaving them vulnerable to the oncoming monsoons. The cyclone destroyed many homes and many months of artwork leading to considerable financial hardship for many of the artists.

Art Village will be hosting a Cyclone relief fundraiser to benefit the heritage village of Raghurajpur this weekend in Karjat, and next week in 2 locations in Mumbai.

Trunk Show

They have selected work from artists and craftsmen of the Das, Mahorana, Bariki, Sahoo, Swain families of Raghurajpur. With many works damaged by the cyclone and its aftermath, they are in need of help and support to uphold their arts. The team has created a trunk show of their work and the proceedings from the same will go to every individual artist.

You can find the likes of the following – Tussar Painting, Pattachitra, Taalpatra, Taalpatra Fan, Painted Bottles, Painted Vase, Cup, handpainted boxes, wooden Peacock, wooden animals, paper mache Mask, palm leaf puppets, Wall hangings, Hanging cowdung birds, paper mache birds, cowdung toys.

Artist demonstration

Two young and talented artists will demonstrate Pattachitra paintings and palm leaf engraving to visitors, along with an explanation of how they make handmade canvasses from old sarees and colours from natural stones.

Venue and Details
5-6-7th July: Tooth mountain farm, Karjat
8-9th July: Art Village Studio, Beach house society, Juhu
10-11th July: 22 Kalpataru Harmony, Sion
All days from 10 am to 6 pm.

The artist demonstrations will be between 11 – 12 pm and 5 – 6 pm in the Mumbai locations

Art Village is opening this trunk show to the public because they believe it is an opportunity for as many people to support Raghurajpur and celebrate the spirit of their age-old traditional arts!

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