Artist Akanksha Agrawal Displays Her Work In Mumbai

Artist Akanksha Agrawal best known for her works in mixed media arts is holding a Solo show of her works at the Art Entrance Gallery, Kala Ghoda Association, Army & Navy Building in Mumbai between October 7 – 13, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Her series, “A Mystical Conversation” on display depicts her transformation beyond herself through inspiration drawn from the sea and the waves. Through abstract expressions, she has attempted to share her experiences at a spiritual level.

A Mystical Conversation

“The sea is emotion incarnate.

It loves, hates and weeps.

It defies all attempts to capture it with words

 and rejects all shackles.

No matter what you say about it,

There is always that which you can’t”

-Christopher Paolini

According to Akanksha Agrawal  “Nature has its own mystical qualities which draw us, inspires us and motivates us. The artist has drawn her inspirations from her conversations with the sea.  The sea enraptures her and enchants her. When lost, it directs her. When gloomy, it gives her hope. When overwhelmed with the chaos in life, it calms her and motivates her to move ahead. Its vastness humbles her to realize that her issues are just a drop in the ocean”.

Since ancient times water has been identified with healing and transformational properties.  It dates back to 2000BC when ancient Egyptians used a hot water bath for healing and relaxation. The significance of the water as a crucial element to balancing the body and creating physical harmony has been understood throughout history in all civilizations. Water bodies have long been seen as sacred places, and in a number of different spiritual contexts, water has symbolized rebirth, spiritual cleansing and salvation. At a molecular level, the human body is 78% water, which is perhaps what attracts people to the sea.

Even according to Vaastu and Feng Shui water element creates balance, harmony and prosperity in one’s surroundings. The hues of blue and green with a dash of gold will be seen predominantly in this exhibition as these colors to her, denote purity, harmony, growth, and balance. The “Sea has a lot to offer us; the waves, they speak to us only if we let them…..”, she says.

About Akanksha Agrawal

(Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer)

An Architect by qualification, Akanksha Agrawal is well versed with different artistic mediums which include pencil, charcoal, pastels, acrylics and watercolours. Born and brought up in Indore, educated from The Daly College, Indore, she took a year sabbatical to undergo intensive training with the renowned senior artist, late Mr Chandu Nafde under whose expert guidance she sharpened her skills in fine arts. With her graduation in B.Arch. she developed a holistic perspective towards Arts and Architecture. Her passion led her to pursue graphic design and fine arts. 

She has made a significant name for herself in these fields and started her own firm, “The Design Palette Studio” (TDPS) in 2015. She also showcases her works regularly by the same name on her social media pages. Amongst her prominent works in the field of graphics are; brand & t-shirt design for Indore marathon for the past three years, brand designing for Crescent – Resort & Spa, Indore and numerous digital caricatures. In the year 2017, her designs are also showcased on different merchandise. 

In the field of fine arts, she has exhibited her works in Mumbai, Coimbatore and Indore in the past one year. For those passionate in this field, she conducts workshops. Being an avid traveller, her artistic expressions are inspired majorly by the flora, fauna, landscapes and cityscapes, which she captures either in her sketch-books or by photographing it while she travels. Since she is living in a coastal area, she draws a lot of inspiration from the sea. Her art works range from fun, vibrant, vivacious animal & birds to capturing the mood and atmosphere of a place. Her work ranges from abstract expressionism to art realism. Her work also showcases her passion towards olden architectural structures and she loves doing cityscapes and old monuments. Occasionally she complements her paintings in conjunction with the poems she writes.

Contact Details
Ar. Akanksha Agrawal 
Architect | Artist | Graphic Designer
The Design Palette Studio 
Contact: +91 9425055855
Address: 3/3 South Tukogunj, Indore

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