Artist Sandeep Sinha Creates 945 Miniature Paintings On A Single Canvas

Pune-based artist Sandeep Sinha recently created a piece of art that consists of 945 miniature paintings, of a size of 1cm x 1cm each, based on Life and Global Warming on a single canvas measuring 14” x11”.

Elaborating on how he conceptualised the idea, he said, “The reason I chose this style is because I wanted to create something unique – a piece of art which will bring global recognition to my country.”

While painting is something that Sandeep enjoys and uses as a medium of stress management, he currently works as an IT Professional with Tech Mahindra, Pune (originally hailing from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh). The artist uses acrylic colours and most of his art is a work of his imagination. And so, while he was in the US for a year, and had a month’s break, he decided to pursue the distinctive art of miniature painting.

There is a sense of uniqueness in his art, in terms of the colours, composition and the variety he paints. But a common thread of visual element is found in each of them. He worked on them for eight hours each day, and completed the paintings in just 22 days, and in fact, he himself was surprised at the end result.

This extraordinary work of art got him a lot of recognition and accolades at the…
1) Limca Book of Records  (2017 Edition)
2) World Record Setter
3) Asia Book Of Records
4) India Book Of Records

“The Best Way to see the world is with Your Eyes Shut. Nothing in the outside world inspires me; I go inside myself and then it comes out. When I do an artwork it’s based on my emotions, it’s based on how I feel. Painting is like meditation; the colours soothe me. A piece of art is a connection to my feelings, my soul and my dreams”, explains Sinha.

He believes in experimenting with various new mediums, different papers, styles, and rendering techniques. “As colours flow into a rhythm, I flow with them. With colours and creations, I try to connect with the cosmic energy, which is nothing but the subconscious state of mind. All my paintings reflect nature, landscapes and heavenly compositions by God”, he sums up.