Astrology March – Runes, Tarot Speak On Money Matters

Astrology March “….The whole thing is that “ke bhaiya sabse bada rupaiya!”  The old ditty performed on screen by the late actor Mehmood may be very significant to a large number of people especially in the month of March.  Let’s seek a brief commentary and guidance of the ancient oracles – Runes and Tarot on money matters for March ‘18.


If you are expecting any repayment of money, then chances appear very dim.  Abstain from taking any financial risks.  Odds appear to be stacked against you so it is better perhaps, to miss an opportunity than face a loss.  You could be anxious about your finances.  Probably, the doubts you have now may well be justified.


Your financial affairs appear fairly sorted this month and you are on secure grounds.  The likelihood, however, is that you may not feel so.  Your emotions may cause turbulence in this realm.  It will do you good to be more rational and patient while addressing any money related concerns.


You are very likely to yearn for some new financial opportunity or beginning this month.  Chances are of delays and hurdles.  Take heart in the promise that these halts and delays will prove to be a blessing as your goalpost will change.  This is a period to review and reflect rather than attempt something new.


Financially, it is very likely to be a fair phase for you.  Should you show courage in letting go or sacrificing little to gain much more, then chances are very strong so it shall be.  In all probability, you will be feeling monetarily secure or at least free of pressing anxieties this month.


This is a very major and significant month for your financial matters.   It is time to focus and gather your scattered resources.  Know the old ways of doing things are ending and it is the dawn of new ways of operations. Avoid risk-taking but do let go of situations that no longer serve a purpose in your monetary evolution.   Many favorable changes are likely to take place.


Financially, you are very likely to be in a positive phase.  Expect positive changes in your financial affairs, as well as lucky breaks and cost cuts; and, if you call on those who owe you money, chances are strong that you will get a swift reply in the affirmative.


March may prove to be a very crucial month for your financial affairs.  Major financial difficulties due to adverse conditions may arise.  Nonetheless, there will be an opportunity to set things right and even make more money.  You will fare well in this phase by slowing down, planning carefully and proceeding with caution.  Seek a second opinion if required while resolving money matters.


You have entered a major and fortunate financial period.  It can be said, “Your star is shining brightly for now”!  The energies that surround you this month support your prosperity related desires and chances are very strong that your noble yearnings shall find fulfillment.


This is an important and challenging month for your finances.  The challenges are likely to come from someone else with whom your financial affairs or issues are significantly tied.  The best course of action for you is to look beneath what appears to be.  If you honor your innate ability to do ‘the right’ then what looks negative now will prove to be a blessing in disguise later.


This is likely to be a major and fortunate month for your finances.  You are poised to resolve any financial concern which has already begun and in which much effort has been made.  There will be earned income.  Projects already underway will be successful.  Although it is a time for making good investments, a conservative and cautious approach is prescribed.  Be forewarned of and forearmed for negativity brewing behind your back.


It could turn out to be a prosperous time for you when your financial affairs will progress satisfactorily.  The eclipse in this arena could come from an overly dominating and aggressive energy.  Know that you possess the power to make the necessary shift, changes or moves to better any situation in this realm for now.


You may feel stressful and apprehensive about your financial condition due to a setback, loss of income or something you counted on falling through.   It will do you good to be determined to have what you want by holding faithfully to the belief that the goal is within reach.

About The Runes: Runes are the alphabet of the ancients.  Considered sacred, magical and mystical for centuries, the alphabet is believed to provide valuable insights and guidance for timely appropriate action concerning various issues that one may come across in one’s journey on earth.

About The Tarot: For hundreds of years, the Tarot – a deck of 78 illustrated cards, has been a system of divination.  No one really knows how or why it works, but it is long held that if we can ‘tune in’ to the vibrations of the cards, we can gain access to a deeper understanding of ourselves, the people and events involved in our lives.

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