Astrology: Tarot Readings For You As A New Year Unfolds

Come mid-April and there are many in our marvelous country of wonderful diversity getting into the festive mode to usher in the New Year.  Sacred Circle consults the ancient oracle The Tarot to take a glimpse of the probable blessings the New Year brings. 


You will be grateful for the opportunity to make money, advance yourself or better your position.  Luck is likely to be with you in anything connected with your work.  The best course of action for you is to eliminate weak points and promote yourself.  Go for it!


You are very likely to be grateful for the elimination of that which was oppressing you, for improved conditions, and for a thought turning into reality.  Luck will be with you in material affairs or employment matters through the entry of a ‘take-charge’ type of person [or attitude] and a turning of the tide in the romantic department for the better.


You may have luck in obtaining facts which were hidden, making new business connections, and hearing from the one you hoped would call.  You are likely to be thankful that everything is back in order, set straight or righted and for like-minded friends and professional camaraderie.


Through luck, you will find a rejuvenating product, unsolicited assistance from others, and a valuable piece of information.  You will be glad that you have the courage to stand up for your rights and to confront and resolve disputes or complications.


Good will prevail… a positive change is in store.  New solutions will come through someone who enters your situation and puts a new slant on things, and you will have the good fortune to know what is true and what to do.  Financial reward is very likely.


Your desires are likely to be realized.  You shall be fortunate in attaining increasing nourishment in matters of the heart and a spontaneous outpouring of affection from another.  Your efforts shall be rewarded in more ways than one.


You will receive insight, illumination, and an unexpected blessing through a ‘chance’ encounter or disclosure.  You will be grateful for a fresh inspiration in your work [or a new line of work], renewed creativity and a new product.  Your ideas will meet with success.


You will be thankful that conditions are improving, and that a better way of life is beginning to emerge.  You will be fortunate in money matters, and luck will be with you in reversing a negative trend.  A turbulent time is coming to an end.


You can expect a fresh start and a new level of experience.  You will be advancing toward your goals.  Expect positive changes because things are looking up.  You are going to receive a tip, invitation, or proposition that will prove to be lucky for you.


Luck will be with you in getting your wish and making a successful barter or trade.  Materially speaking, you are likely to be fairly comfortable through the year.  Your energy may be transferred into areas that can provide fulfillment, and you will be surrounded by love and affection.


You will be very glad that you have successfully completed a project or task and that the burden is over.  Good fortune will come through a change in your environment or a move from one thing or place to another.


A new cycle is at hand and the end of a problem is approaching.  A negative condition will finally come to an end.  Good news concerning your finances is very likely to come.

About The Authors: The Sacred Circle is a group of three professionals.  Shahin Ashraf Ali is an author of children’s books, free-lance journalist, and teacher.  By passion, she teaches the ancient art of reading the sacred oracles – runes, tarot & playing cards, among others.  Smita Mehta is professionally involved with American diamond jewelry.  She is passionate about reading the runes, the tarot and the ordinary deck of playing cards to help people arrive at a probable solution to stressful situations.  Neelkanth Joshi is a professional structural engineer.  He is passionate about his “Common sense space energy readings & suggestions” lectures peppered with DIYs that draw from the wisdom of ancient oracles. You can reach the authors by email – 


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