Astrology | Your Sun Signs Runes Readings For April

Runes Sacred Circle

Looking for new beginnings and opportunities in the month of April, are you?  The Sacred Circle checks out the anciently sacred alphabet – The Runes, to find the ‘password’ that could open the doors to the new beginnings you desire. Runes are the alphabet of the ancients.  Considered sacred, magical and mystical for centuries, the alphabet is believed to provide valuable insights and guidance for timely appropriate action concerning various issues that one may come across in one’s journey on earth.


Truth is the key for you to open locked doors.  ‘To thine own self be true,’ is the mantra.  The moment has come to make a courageous and truthful moral inventory of your feelings, thinking, and actions.  Being true to oneself initiates new beginnings.


What is it that you are avoiding?  What are you hiding from?  In an honest answer to the questions lies the password to new beginnings.  For many, this is a time of separating paths – from a person, place or thing.  The Oracle counsels you to come out of denial and take control of your life.


The Keyword for you is Trust.  Perhaps you need to show Trust in a present situation or perhaps, you need to embrace the changes you are facing with Trust and wisdom.  If Trust is lacking in your life, you are urged to consider what you can do to restore it, or to create it where it never was.


Anger is your password.  Yes.  Bear in mind though, Anger as a key to new opportunities is not about the destructive, violent and hateful release of the emotion.  Healthy Anger, appropriate Anger is a force that can provide you with the energy to change and be liberated from that which oppresses.


Your password to new beginnings is Hope.  Know for sure, it is a light that never fails.  Take inspiration from those who have left everything behind to make a difficult and arduous journey in search of freedom, carrying with them their Hope for a better life and manifesting just that.


Creativity is your key to open locked doors.  There is unimaginable magic in it or if you choose to use the word Divinity in it.  The time has come for you to use your innate creativity and literally create the opening you desire.


Intrepidity is the buzzword you should put into action and witness for yourself how victorious you are in the very area you chose not to tread out of timidity.  Perhaps voices from the past have made you apprehensive in your present situation.  You need not be hostage to doubts and dread now.


No.  You read correctly.  No is the password that will bring you fresh opportunities you yearn for.  The time is ripe for you to say no to something that no longer has a place in your life.  Once you decide what to reject you will free the space in your energy field for the NEW.


You are in the period when you ought to accept what you cannot change.  Only doing so will empower you to change what you can and manifest the fresh opportunities you long for.  Acceptance is the only key to the locked door before which you find yourself in the present.


Your password to new beginnings is Optimism.  It is the blessed feeling that urges you on when, against all logic, you refuse to give up.  You have entered a period that promises positive transformation.  Claim the promise of being optimistic.


You are in the moment of time when you can experience for yourself the magical power of counting your blessings.  No matter what your circumstances are at present, begin to list the things, people, situation et al, you can be Thankful for – yes your keyword is Thank you.  As you do so you will witness a shift in your energy and opportunities coming your way.


New beginnings will emerge for you provided you choose to take things lightly in the very area you yearn for fresh openings.  Good humor alters vibrations for the highest good of all concerned.  Lighten up and use the password Humor.


About The Authors: The Sacred Circle is a group of three professionals.  Shahin Ashraf Ali is an author of children’s books, free-lance journalist, and teacher.  By passion, she teaches the ancient art of reading the sacred oracles – runes, tarot & playing cards, among others.  Smita Mehta is professionally involved with American diamond jewelry.  She is passionate about reading the runes, the tarot and the ordinary deck of playing cards to help people arrive at a probable solution to stressful situations.  Neelkanth Joshi is a professional structural engineer.  He is passionate about his “Common sense space energy readings & suggestions” lectures peppered with DIYs that draw from the wisdom of ancient oracles. You can reach the authors by