Aura Art To Host Solo Exhibition Of Vrindavan Solanki In Mumbai

Aura Art eConnect Pvt Ltd is hosting an exclusive Solo Exhibition of widely respected Indian artist, Vrindavan Solanki in The Art Enclave at UBM Index Fairs 2016. UBM Index Fairs will held at Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 1, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, from October 13 – 16, 201610 am to 6.30 pm.

Indian artist Vrindavan Solanki 

Born in 1942 in Gujarat, Vrindavan Solanki obtained Diploma in Painting in 1980 and Post Diploma in Graphics in 1982, both from MS University, Baroda. His paintings have been exhibited in significant venues globally since 1969. He has held 45 solo shows and has participated in over 122 group shows and 47 charity shows.

Vrindavan Solanki 2

Vrindavan Solanki 3 Solanki is richly decorated with a dozen awards including Gold Medal & First prize from Bombay Art Society in 1970, First prize from Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi in 1987 and First price in Kalidas Art Exhibition held in Ujjain in 1989. In a text book ‘Chitrakala’, a chapter about the artist is taught as part of the curriculum to students of the tenth class of Gujarat State Education Board.

Says Art Critic Johny ML, “Vrindavan Solanki is a silent chronicler of his own land, Saurashtra, Gujarat. The village folks, who tend cows and lead a peaceful life, have made Solanki a stickler for their harmonious natural existence. In his works, they appear as ethereal beings clad in beautifully decorated traditional clothes, and the light that emanates from their own interiors, almost erasing the contours of their faces, reminds one of the crystal gazing gypsy tents. There is always a sense of intimacy between male female and same gender protagonists. They sit still yet vibrate with a strange energy. The sepia tone that engulfs most of his paintings attributes a quasi-mythological feel about them. This aspect of Solanki’s works makes the viewer think about the protagonists in them as Krishna-Radha, and Radha and her friends. Though sepia tone pervades in most of his paintings, Solanki does not shy away from using stark and strong colours like blue, green, yellow and red, rendering these paintings absolutely exotic. An alumnus of Baroda Fine Arts Faculty, trained under late NS Bendre and late KG Subramanyan, Solanki has learned the sense of colour from the former and rhythm from the latter. The amount of art history that the Baroda school helps its students ingest has supported Solanki also. Solanki assimilated all that and today stands tall as a Master and is respected all over. Without really pinpointing the light source as in the case of Vermeer, Solanki uses ‘light’ in his works. Similarly, without resorting to chiaroscuro via impasto colour techniques, Solanki gives a ‘Goya effect’ to his images. Vrindavan Solanki’s works impart a sense of lightness; the bearable lightness of being.”

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Aura Art strives to collect and promote choicest works of artists of calibre and to give such chosen works widest possible exposure, so that people at large become sensitive to qualities that distinguish the extraordinary from the ordinary. Towards this endeavour, Aura Art eConnect Pvt Ltd has recently launched, India's first online marketplace exclusively for curated fine art as well as Aura Art App.

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