Fraud Website Fooling Reliance Jio Applicants?

Reliance Jio - reliiance4g ga

Something fishy seems to be brewing as a WhatsApp message offering a Reliance Jio4g connection is going viral.

The message says *Get Your Reliance 4G sim Free and 40GB 4G Data for 60 days! Click here –

Reliance Jio Fraud website message

The first message after you click the WhatsApp link

That’s the first oddity as; why would Reliance need a .GA domain? (The .ga domain is the country code top-level domain for Gabon, a country in Africa.) Reliance Jio has its own domain and all available information on Jio is posted on it.

Another oddity is the registering process on

After you click on the link in the WhatsApp message, you reach a page which asks you to follow just 3 Steps…

1. Select Your State and Provide Your Current Mobile No & Email.

2. Share on WhatsApp.

3. Get Coupon Code.

The second one seems extremely odd as this does not seem to be Reliance’s style of pushing its product. Reliance Jio is already, the fastest trending and most known product in this country and already has so much demand for its SIM cards, that might take time to fulfill.

Then the “share this message on WhatsApp”; the second condition, seems ridiculous and certainly not a professional marketing method. Reliance with its marketing might, which it has shown over the past few days, would not pursue such an exercise, that at the best would have gotten it a few thousand customers. So clearly, something is amiss.


After clicking Ok, the website opens on this page

After clicking Ok, the website opens on this page

A search on Whois to find details of the owner of the shows no details. The domain clearly shows  Reliance Industries Limited as its owner.

But what really let the cat out of the bag are the Terms and Conditions posted in almost unreadable font size and at the far bottom of the page.  (Spelling errors not corrected below- reproduced verbatim) It says…

Terms and Conditions

Reliance4G is not affliated with Reliance or Jio in any way

The trademark ‘Reliance’, its logo, trade mark ‘Jio’, its logo, and other Services Marks and logos owned by and/or licensed to Reliance and/or its affiliates.

The contest will choose random users to award them free 4G SIMs with said data packs

What contest? Anybody’s guess.

Clearly, the WhatsApp message and the website seem to have nothing to do with Reliance Jio. So Just be aware…you could be falling for a con or be victim of a Hacker attack


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