Book Launch: The Magic In You – Awaken Your Soul

Are You A Money Magnet? How Do You React To Adversities? Do You Feel Some People Are Luckier Than You? Some of us believe that our fates are written in our stars—predestined and unchangeable. But it is possible to take charge of our own lives. For years, experts have been talking about the power of the human mind—helping us realize the boundless energy that lies untapped until we set it free. This is what first-time author Deepa Rajani’s debut book, ‘The Magic In You – Awaken Your Soul’, is all about!

“You only have to believe! This book will not have all the answers to your problems, nor is it a guide to lead you to some “promised land”. But it will awaken the unlimited power within you, a resource you can access anytime. With this power, you can shape your future. Within these pages you will learn to craft your own success story with the help of anecdotes from the author’s own life and those around her, and also to navigate difficult situations with ease. This is a book to remind you of something very important: The Magic in You!”, smiles the mother of 2 teens and functional medicine health coach, who recently released her book (on January 28, 2021).

Backed by Jaico Books, who have published authors like Robin Sharma, Paul Dupuis, Ryuho Okawa, Radhakrishnan Pillai and Om Swami over the years, this book is pitched as a book to aid the journey of self-discovery and creating one’s own destiny.

“We all have this hidden power within us which, when I learnt to use, I realised I can create miracles, I could heal myself and also make my dreams a reality. This hidden power lies latent within all of us until we can learn to use it. We go through life learning so many things like maths, science, history, geography, but we are never taught the most important things like – How to truly live this life? Well … my acronym for L.I.F.E. is Live It Fully Empowered”, smiles Deepa.

She shares how she learnt and experienced how one has the power to change everything that happens in one’s life, by simply connecting to this power within them and making the higher consciousness a partner. “I am now able to work on making all my dreams a reality”, she says.

The thought that she should share this magic with the world, inspired her to pen the book…  “I want to help as many souls as possible to discover The Magic within them. I want them to understand that this Creator, who created us, is always by our side guiding us and showing the way, it is we who have to learn to listen”, adds Deepa.

Miracles and synchronicities become a part of your daily life when you learn to see the signs, read the messages and begin to see that God is always answering you through them.“When I learnt that we truly are divine, limitless beings, made up of energy, with the gift of freewill to create our own reality – through our thoughts, deeds, and actions – it was like an awakening, like a bulb lighting up inside me… And that’s when the magic began…”, beams Deepa.

The 300 pages book is co-edited by Suhana Bhatia and Geetha Balsara and is priced at Rs.399, and is available in bookstores, on and JAICO BOOKS website.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Deepa Rajani is a jewellery designer, entrepreneur and mother to two lovely daughters. A few roller-coaster life challenges compelled her to journey inwards, leading her to discover books, mentors and alternative healing. This journey also triggered her to pen her first book, The Magic in You.

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