Internationally acclaimed Author & Branding Expert, Success Coach Nilesh (aka Nilesh Waghchoude), from UK (and a Puneite), after organizing several workshops on ‘How to become a Successful Entrepreneur’, has now penned another book, “4 Easy Steps TO Switch FROM Job to SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURSHIP”. Published by Vishwakarma Publications, this is perhaps the first and most practical book ever created to help one carefully switch from a job to becoming a successful entrepreneur,

“Many people want to make a switch, but only a handful of them are actually successful. We can see the increasing trend in today’s professionals to consider entrepreneurship as a new career than just keep working on a job for their life time. Through my book I want to help all of them to become successful in this adventure by providing them step by step guidance. Also save their money by helping them avoid making big mistakes and by giving right business strategies which will increase their profits”, explains Success Coach Nilesh.

“Entrepreneurship is a vital source of change needed in the society. The general trend of the society has been that we encourage people to become doctors, engineers and so on. But very few help or assist others in the regards to becoming an Entrepreneur which is very unfortunate. Entrepreneurship empowers individuals to create multiple job opportunities; change lives and paves the path towards innovation and economic growth. Entrepreneurship gives Sense of Satisfaction, Freedom and Sense of Contribution to make this world a better place. One-third of the world’s population is lacking access to basic energy and 71% of the world’s population lives on less than $10 a day. In such scenarios, entrepreneurship can play a vital role in finding solutions to problems faced by human civilization. Our society or world, in general, is in need of individuals who have the courage   and dream to bring about this much-needed change”, adds Success Coach Nilesh.

If you are:
– Not Happy with your Salary, job or career or
– Working at a job that you don’t like & don’t want to do for the rest of your life or
– Fed up or annoyed with your boss or
– Have been thinking about a business idea these past few weeks or
– Willing to establish your own business empire or
– Willing to establish your own business empire or
– Willing to receive more freedom and purpose in your life or
– Willing to make more money via business

This Book also includes:
* Time Management Strategies
* Financial Safety Plans and Risk Management Strategies
* Business Success Strategies
* Fear & Self-Confidence Management Secrets and
* Tips to save money in your Start-up Business

There are books in the market on Career Development.

There are books in the market on Entrepreneurship

But, there are NO BOOKS in the market to Help people SWITCH from JOB to Successful Entrepreneurship.

In India, there are lacks / crores of people who want to SWITCH from Job to Business.

Success Coach Nilesh’s book solves this problem.

This book is based on true stories and real life experiences. It will motivate, guide and lead all the readers to success.

This short yet powerful 136 pages book, is moderately priced at only Rs.195/- and available at all major bookstores and online on Amazon and Flipkart.

Success Coach Nilesh recommends everyone who wants to own a business sometime in his or her lifetime mustlearn and understand these 4 Easy Steps to make their dreams really come true.