Book Released On ‘Career Planning After 10th And 12th – A Teens Guide To Choose The Right Path’ By Savita Marathe

​ ​Dr. ​Shreeram ​Geet​, Savita Marathe​, Sheetal Bapat​, Deepak Shakarpur ​&​ Vishal Soni​ at the book launch

A new book “Career Planning after 10th and 12th – a teens guide to choose the right path” authored by Savita Marathe, was launched on 26th May at EnRoute Career Advisor, Pune, at the hands of Dr. Shreeram Geet, Senior Career Counselor, in the presence of eminent guests like Sheetal Bapat, Founder Trustee of Syamchi Aai Foundation, Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, IT professional and author of many books on IT, and Vishal Soni of Vishwa Press, to name some. The book serves as a guide for both, the students and their parents, as it provides information about the available career opportunities, is published by Vishwakarma Publications.

Savita Marathe is an educationist and an accomplished trainer and certified career advisor. “Career planning is a tough process and each step of this process requires meticulous thinking and decision making. This process begins right at the 10th and 12th standard level, where the students select a particular stream. That’s what prompted me to write a book, which would literally be a ready reckoner for both the parents and the students, to help in choosing the right career”, smiles Savita Marathe, who is a Career Advisor at her own firm, EnRoute Career Advisor (

Today’s world offers a wide variety of career options which puts the students and their parents into further confusion because at the 10th and 12th standard stage what they need to choose is a right stream. Thinking about which stream would lead to which career is a tough job because, compared to the number of career options, the stream (Science, Commerce, Arts, Diploma, etc.), which the student needs to select is very limited.

 Savita Marathe with her book

Savita Marathe with her book

“My book gives an overview of the different streams available after 10th standard, including the subjects offered in each stream. It also gives details of the different career paths that arise from these streams, various entrance tests and their eligibility criteria. In other words, it gives options to parents as well as students, which will help them choose a stream and subjects accordingly in the 11th standard”, explains Marathe.

This is supported by a detailed study of institutions in respective fields. Additionally, the website links given in the book will be helpful for those who wish to ascertain the details of the institutes. Students appearing for the 10th and 12th examinations sometimes get confused while choosing between career paths that are closely related, which appear similar but have certain differences. The book explains such differences in the related areas, e.g. Art and Design, with an idea to help the student understand what s/he would actually like to do.

The book also explains the importance of aptitude tests and how they help students to understand his/her abilities and how one can select a stream and choose a career options according to his/her interests and abilities.

In short the main focus of the book is on career planning and how to plan it in a step-wise manner right from the 10th standard. The use of tables and flowcharts provide a visual imagery to explain things very quickly. At the end a bibliography of all important governing bodies, institutions and test conducting institutes is given. This book will serve as a ready reckoner for all those who are planning their education towards building a career path.

Dr. Geet appreciated this initiative by Marathe and said that more such endeavors are required to reach out to the huge masses of students. Sheetal Bapat said that career counseling is a science and technique and a good career counselor will help the students choose the right path. Dr. Shikarpur opined that instead of running behind the standard career paths, every student should first consider his/her interests and abilities before selecting a desired career and parents should support their child’s decision.

The 267 pages book is modestly priced at Rs.250, and will surely be a ‘go-to’ book for many parents and students, concerned about making the right career decision! The book is available at popular bookstores, as well as on Flipkart & Amazon. It will soon also be available on Kindle.

About the Author :

Savita Marathe M.Sc. (Clinical) Embryology, University of Leeds, UK Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Healthcare Management (PGDHHM) Fellowship in Medical Education

She is an educationist and an accomplished trainer and certified career advisor. She has extensive coaching experience in communication skills, education technology, curriculum development, instructional and workshop design. She has been working in the field of education for more than nine years. o She has guided many students in career planning and other related areas like business writing, creating resumes, writing college essays, etc. o As a trainer, she conducts workshops on communication skills, life skills management, spoken English, and grooming (manners & etiquette). o She is associated with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences as a trainer where she is involved in training teachers and students in Education Technology, Communication Skills, and Business Communication. o She works as an independent career advisor and trainer at her firm En Route Career Advisor ( in Pune, Maharashtra.