Bottoms Up Fills Beer From the Bottom Of The Glass

Bottoms Up

The Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System is the most revolutionary beer dispensing system in the world and is rapidly becoming the industry standard for serving draft beer. Consumers throughout the country in stadiums, arenas, bars and restaurants are sipping on the freshest beer and enjoying themselves more than ever. With this unique system that fills cups from the bottom, consumers are just as excited to watch their beer being poured.

This product has taken pouring beer out of the hands of rushed servers and has made it as simple as setting down a cup. When a Bottoms Up Cup® is placed onto the Dispenser the system automatically fills the desired amount leaving the server free to promote sales, engage customers, and process transactions. Additionally, the system is capable of pouring multiple servings simultaneously at a rate that is nine times faster than a traditional tap.

Bottoms Up Cups

Bottoms Up Cups are specially designed to work with our Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensers. The cups are made from PET plastic, food-grade materials that are all made in the USA. Each cup has a hole in the bottom to allow for filling and each hole is sealed with one of our 1.75”diameter, FDA approved rubber magnets.