The Big Story

ICMR to Leverage IBM Watson Assistant to Bolster Rapid Response to India’s Frontline Testing Facilities on COVID-19

As India rises to meet the challenge of COVID-19, it is crucial to enable government bodies such as ICMR to utilize data and capabilities effectively for rapid detection and treatment. This collaboration is Good Tech in action and IBM’s commitment of enabling governments, businesses and citizens across the globe to have access to technology and expertise in tackling the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 3,40,000 Meals Served By Sadhu Vaswani Mission During Lockdown

The pandemic has brought with it, to the surface, larger issues; of helplessness, of homelessness and of hunger! Stranded in the scorching heat, displaced and penniless, the sufferings of the daily-wage workers is indeed a pitiable sight. Severely affected are also those dependent on the earning of a single member of a family and whose bread-winner is a migrant in another state. The differently-abled, blind, deaf and mute, special persons and senior citizens have their own woeful story to narrate.

769 Foreign Tourists Register On ‘Stranded in India’ Portal In First Five Days

Foreign tourists who are stranded in various parts of India due to the lockdown situation necessitated by the COVID19 global pandemic would need to log on to the portal, provide some basic contact information and narrate the nature of issues being faced by them if any. Stranded foreign tourists being contacted over emails, telephones and also in person depending on the nature of support required by them.