CGSI To Build Trust Over Chai

It has been observed of late that there is a growing `Trust Deficit’ between the consumers and industry on all matters pertaining to consumer interest. While consumers feel they are being short-changed while buying goods or not getting good post-purchase services, industry feels that consumers are always trying to make excuses for faults of their own and trying to fix the liability for their mistakes on industry.

This Trust Deficit has led to a divide between consumers and industry and instead of living in symbiosis with each other, they are actually living as adversaries. This problem sees a spillover into courts and litigation, which is detrimental to the interest of both parties.

To act as a bridge between these two distrustful friends, the CCGSI intends to have a monthly ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ between Industry and Consumers with the following modus operandi:

A Set of Industries will be selected for a period of one year which are the focus of common grievances today.
Each month a dialogue will be established with each Industry for resolving common issues which bother consumers.
The problems will be placed before Industry leaders who will offer solutions for these problems.
The solutions so arrived at will then be used as Standard Operating Procedures in each Industry for resolving problems between consumer and industry.
By the seventh of each month, consumers will be invited to send their grievances, individual or collective against a particular industry.
These will then be collated and discussed in detail with captains/senior executives of that industry between the 20th & 25th of that month in a Round Table Meeting format.
The outcome and decisions taken in the meeting will be put down in writing and published by the end of the month.
The cycle will start all over again for another industry at the beginning of the next month.

The Industries lined up (tentatively) for the next few months are as follows:
Telecom – May 2016.
Banking – June 2016.
Insurance – July 2016.
Housing – August 2016.
Medicine – September 2016.
Education – October 2016.
Transport – November 2016.
Travel & Tourism – December 2016.
E-commerce – January 2016.
White Goods – February 2017.
Computers & Mobiles – March 2017.
Cosmetics – April 2017.

CGSI also has a `Medication & Conciliation Cell’ which can attend to individual and collective complaints between consumer(s) and industry for an amicable solution of issues pertaining to both sides. This will act as a further mechanism to solve disputes amicably and lead to a win-win situation for all.