Come On India; Stand Up Against Cruelty

Demand an increase in penalties for animal abuse

The recent spate of animal abuse that has come to light in the past year – be it the stabbing of dogs in Delhi, the cold-blooded murder of 8 puppies in Bangalore in front of the mother dog, the acid attack on a pony in Hyderabad or the killing of police service horse in Dehradun, has shocked the collective conscience of this Nation.

Naturally, right thinking citizens are up in arms and are seeking amendments to India’s animal protection law, which as of today is as good as non – existent. This is because of the meagre penal provision that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 provides. For a maximum of 50 rupees, the accused rather plead guilty, pay the fine and walk away.

The call for an effective deterrent in law has only grown louder. In fact a petition calling for the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been initiated by the Humane Society International: India on seeking more severe and stringent punishment for such criminals. The Humane Society International: India started this petition with a single signature, and now has 63,162 supporters. But more good citizens needed to come forward to ensure it is seriously considered.

Already, several Members of Parliament have written to the Environment Ministry in the past 6 months, spoken about it in the parliament and submitted a private member bill yet the Government of India continues to turn a blind eye to the immense suffering of animals.

Don’t Forgive, Don’t Forget This…

Perhaps, as you finish reading this and while you think of signing it and sharing it on social media, there would be another hundred thousand animals kicked, beaten, maimed, stabbed, burnt, hung and flung. Some would die and some would be rendered immobile for life.

Don’t let it happen again

Sign the petition to show our lawmakers that we all support this.




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