Decode The Art Of Communication With Tenzin Chodon

Moving away from the bookish context and understanding of effective communication, a seminar ‘Decode The Art Of Communication With Tenzin Chodon’ to be held in Mumbai on January 24th, aims at providing participants with a fresh, practical and humane perspective, especially that from a Tibetan’s view of mastering the art of everyday communication.

Tenzin Chodon is an entrepreneur, image and performance coach, a cross-cultural communication trainer and a social worker. She has been in the communications industry for almost a decade and has worked multiple careers within the same field, gaining an enormous amount of experience and expertise.

Tenzin has been a translation-compere for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) and master of ceremonies for several fashion events and shows. In addition, she is a social worker and activist for the children of the deprived communities who have no access to education and opportunities. She firmly believes that one’s ability to communicate must be flexible and not be restricted to norms based on age, gender, profession or social background.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Training

Communication has a massive impact on our personal and social success. In this seminar, you will receive the most practical and unique way of learning how to cultivate every-day communication skills. Whether you are in a corporate, creative or educational setting, taking up this training will help accelerate your current communicational skills. (Tickets are on sale on PaytmInsider and EventsHigh)

Apart from these, there are other interesting benefits attached to this seminar:

  1. a) It will help elevate your everyday communication skills using simple yet effective tools and techniques that are practical and easy to follow.
  2. b) It will provide a new paradigm of understanding the art of communication (The Tibetan View).
  3. c) You will be presented with valuable insights on developing one’s fullest expression through both verbal and non-verbal communication.
  4. d) You will learn the significance of personal experimentation on methods of achieving a successful outcome.
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