Sharique Minhaj’s Film ‘Delhi Bus’ On ‘Nirbhaya’ Case To Release On Dec 28th

‘Delhi Bus’

Bollywood Filmmaker Tariq Khan has joined hands with director Sharique Minhaj for their upcoming Hindi feature film inspired from the painful, tragic and embarrassing ‘Nirbhaya Case’ in Delhi. The film titled ‘Delhi Bus’ is slated to release on 28 December 2018 all over, as a tribute to the sixth anniversary of this rape and fatal assault.

Sharique Minhaj, Divya Singh, Vipul Shah, Shahid, and S K Das

The film is presented by Vipul Shah and the title role is being played by Haryana based Divya Singh who was earlier seen anchoring TV shows. S.K. Das, the creative director of the film who has also partnered in writing the screenplay and dialogue is also playing the role of a police officer. Dr. S.K. Das works in Odisha and that too in the revenue department of Bhubaneswar as S.D.M. Das has earlier made two short films too.

Says Vipul, “This film is not made for commercial gains. I have joined hands to be a part of spreading awareness within the people of our country and how such heinous acts of violence can be avoided and stopped and understand the pain and trauma of the victims.”

Director Sharique Minhaj is known for making factual cinema and spread a message to our younger generation. He is known for making films on fiery and controversial subjects. Earlier he has made a film on Gujarat’s Godhra case titled as “Chand Bhuj Gaya”. Then he made a film “Latif – The King of Crime” inspired by Gujarat mafia. Of late he has directed a film “Chinaar-Dastaan E Ishq on the backdrop of Kashmir.

Speaking about his new film, “Delhi Bus”, Sharique Minhaj says, “The shocking incident of ‘Nirbhaya Case’ has shocked the entire nation and was widely condemned. I was shaken by this incident too. I took my screenplay and dialogue writer Amit Gupta and S.K. Das to study the entire charge sheet and make a film on it. We have taken a bit of liberty and have added some other scenes too so that it didn’t turn out to be a documentary film. On the whole, the film is inspired from the true story. Now, henceforth, our young generation and our government should awake and see that such a gruesome act never occurs again.”

“Delhi Bus” features Divya Singh, Aanjjan Srivastav, Neelima Azeem, Sanjay Singh, S.K. Das and others in its star cast. Screenplay and dialogues are by Amit Gupta and S.K. Das. Ashfaq Khan Haque and Arav have provided the musical score. Jehangir Mulla has cranked the camera. Sunil Yadav is the editor while Shahid Khan is the line producer.

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