Here’s How Dipika Trehan Builds Women Commandos To Combat Real Life Situations Through ‘WOMCOMS’

Meet Dipika Trehan,  HR expert, Yoga instructor, Advisory Executive Council Member of Women Economic Forum, India Chairperson: Wellness for All Ladies League and award winner of the “Iconic Women making the World a Better Place for All” in the ‘Innovating for health and wellness vertical’ at WEF 2017. Dipika’s YouTube video on Yoga for PCOD and Hormonal Imbalance” has over half a million views and over 5500+ subscribers.

Trehan is the founder of The H.O.W. (Health Of Women Forum) for women empowerment. The H.O.W.Forum celebrates the strength, caliber, and intellect of women through various holistic health and fitness programs for women through their FB community, corporate workshops, speaker sessions, Women@Work and Corporate Diva with the motto of “Making a woman fall in love again, this time with HERSELF”.

Taking her vision a step further, Dipika has realized that in today’s world where lack of safety of women is a concern, self-defense for women is an essential skill. The difference being that for her self-defense is not just about being able to handle oneself in unwarranted situations, but having the presence of mind at that time to deal with it.  Presence of mind being the key, she decided to offer a unique initiative for women.

Her movement on empowering women to take care of their own security has begun with the launch of a well-curated program on women’s safety on August 4, 2018, at Bangalore, called “WOMCOMS: Building real-time women commandos to combat real-life situations”.

The WOMCOM program concentrates on training women to take charge of their own security and deal with situations with a responsive rather than reactive action, and with a presence of the mind.

The programme helps them in:

> Knowing what should be done and how to handle uncomfortable incidents/situations that women face on a daily basis;

Learning to lead one’s life without guilt or regret, especially post such incidents

Understanding soft spots and strength areas of the female and male body

Situation based drills, general fitness drills

Confidence building

Understanding body language

Safety tips and general awareness also form a part of the program.

Dipika says, “The number of incidents compromising women’s safety has been numerous in the recent past. To address this rising problem, the H.O.W. Forum has created this capsulated program, which enables a woman to have her own safety in her hands, independent of help available in a crisis.”

Dipika hopes to connect and reach out to all communities, schools, women organisations all over the country to train women to deal with situations using their presence of mind and courage through her WOMCOM initiative.

Women generally believe that nothing can happen to us if we take care, but even in the most safest of situations, there are no guarantees today.  It is a fact that most of us will freeze when attacked and it will take a while to react, and perhaps it may be too late.

Physical training to fight back in case of emergency helps but what will add value is being mentally alert in an unwarranted situation.

WOMCOM’s next workshop has been planned for September 8, 2018, at Mumbai and Dipika Trehan urges all women to join the workshop.

She firmly believes “Women tend to miss out on a lot while taking care of family, work and other responsibilities, more so post marriage and childbirth.  One of the most precious things they lose on the journey is the art of loving own-self.

The H.O.W. Forum encourages women to put themselves on their own list of priority. Take control of your journey of life and start by learning to protect yourself. The most beautiful way of falling in love is by first loving and taking care of your own-self selflessly.”

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