Burger Or Pizza Or Maybe A BurgerPizza?

Looks Like A Burger, Tastes  Like A Pizza …It’s a Domino’s BurgerPizza

Domino’s Pizza India today announced a significant new innovation for the Indian market – the BurgerPizza! It looks like a Burger, but tastes like a Pizza.  With the BurgerPizza, Domino’s aims to grow its share in the ‘all day, individual consumption’ occasion and further grow its share of the chained Indian Food Service Industry that is pegged to grow three-fold to INR 25,000 crore within five years.

Announcing the new offering, Dev Amritesh, President & Chief Business Officer, Domino’s Pizza India, said, “Our category is segmented by occasions. We dominate the ‘shared meal-replacement’ occasions with our core Pizzas. The ‘all day, individual consumption’ occasion is an opportunity that we see as being incremental to our business. The BurgerPizza is our offering for this opportunity.”

“This is also our attempt to create a new category and bring Pizza-ness in a consumption segment that is addressed by Burgers and Sandwiches. Unlike Burgers, the BurgerPizza is comfort food, full of Pizza goodness and has been specifically designed for the Indian palette,” he added.

S. Murugan Narayanaswamy, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Domino’s Pizza India, said, “The BurgerPizza is different from conventional Burgers in many ways. Instead of using fried ingredients, it has oven-baked ingredients. It is made with generous fillings of herbs and vegetables, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and soft buns, all oven baked together to perfection, adding a touch of Pizza Goodness. It is this Pizza Goodness that will be at the core of our marketing strategy. We aim to address the desire for a burger through a new kind of pizza….”

Starting at INR 89, the BurgerPizza range is available in two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian variants at the 1000+ Domino’s Pizza restaurants across India and is also available for ordering on the Domino’s online ordering website and the Domino’s Pizza mobile app.


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