Dr. Dhananjay Datar gifts Rs 100,000 to Kozhikode Air flight crash victim’s daughter

Anusree, the daughter of Cherikka Parambil Rajeevan from Kerala, lost her father in the Air India Express crash, at Kozhikode airport in August 2020. Rajeevan, who worked for 20 years as a spray painter at a car workshop in Dubai, was returning home to make preparations for Anusree’s wedding ceremony. Alas! The accident took his life along with 19 other co-passengers. Grief-stricken Anusree and other family members ached for his presence at the wedding. But a surprise wedding gift made the bride’s day memorable. The kind-hearted giver was none other than Masala King Dr. Dhananjay Datar who gifted her with Rs. 1 lakh on the occasion. The Rajeevan family not only tearfully thanked Dr. Datar, but also expressed their heartfelt gratitude for this noble work.

Dr. Datar, CMD, Al Adil Trading LLC, UAE, had proactively announced a total of Rs. 2 million as financial aid from his personal fund to the families of those who died in the mishap. As promised he transferred the amount to the families. All the families of victims came together and formed a WhatsApp group named after Karippur (the location of the Kozhikode airport) and conducted their first full-fledged Zoom meeting. The group invited Dr. Datar to thank him. During the meeting, Nishi, the wife of late Rajeevan, broke into tears and told Datar that the aid was really a timely help for Anusree’s wedding which was postponed due to the death of her father. Rajeevan had participated zealously in the engagement ceremony and the family missed him tremendously.

Dr. Datar, after learning this, announced an extra Rs. 1 lakh as a wedding gift to Anusree and immediately transferred the amount. The family bought extra gold ornaments for Anusree and also did some maintenance work at the house. The wedding took place recently in a simple manner amidst the presence of selected 40 relatives while abiding by the pandemic regulations.

Commenting on this, Dr. Datar humbly said, “I have done nothing great. It was a small effort on my part to relieve the families of crash victims from their financial burden. It is an outcome of the tutelage of my late parents that inspires me to contribute to social service and welfare. We have been helping the jobless and penniless Indian workers stranded in the GCC region due to the pandemic. We are providing financial assistance to evacuate them safely. I am happy that we could unite more than 5000 such workers with their family.”

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