Drone Delivery Is Now Possible, Thanks To Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air — a delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones. Prime Air has great potential to enhance the services amazon already provide to millions of customers by providing rapid parcel delivery that will also increase the overall safety and efficiency of the transportation system.

How will it work?

Amazon Prime Air is a service that will deliver packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less using small drones.

What are the safety measures?

Safety is Amazon’s top priority. These vehicles will be built with multiple redundancies, as well as sophisticated “sense and avoid” technology. Additionally, through amazons private trial in the UK, we will gather data to continue improving the safety and reliability of their systems and operations.

When will One be able to choose Prime Air as a delivery option?

Amazon will deploy when and where they have the regulatory support needed to safely realise their vision.Amazon is planning to use it’s drone technology to deliver packages to customers around the world in 30 minutes or less.

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