eBay Clarifies On Illicit Wildlife Trade

Further to a news item filed on certain portals being involved in illicit wildlife trade, eCommerce portal eBay has issued a clarification. According to it“eBay has zero tolerance for wrongdoing and has strict policies in place to stop the sale of products from endangered animals on the site. All these policies and guidelines, including what is restricted and not allowed is published and updated on our site ”

However, says the statement “if any listing violation is found on the site, then not only is the listing removed, but the seller may also be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of their buying and selling privileges and suspension of their account”.

eBay has over 20 of experience of running a large global marketplace with 100s of millions of listings and is recognized as a world leader by industry peers and leading Animal and Wildlife Welfare bodies in fighting the online trade of endangered animal products”.

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S Kapeed