Educationist Roama Sharma Crowned ‘Mrs India Glamorous’

It was an evening of excitement when Roama Sharma was crowned Mrs India Glamorous at the Mrs India Empress of the Nation pageant recently held at Hotel Hyatt Pune, organized by DIVA Pageants. She also won the prestigious title of Face of the Year 2019 at this platform!

Roama, an educationist, who hails from Mumbai is a multi-faceted persona and has in the past won Best Dancer, Best Student, Sports Championships and many such awards on the district, regional and state levels since her school and college days. Recently she was also honoured with the ‘Prerna Award’ for her extraordinary contribution in the field of education. She is an active social worker who gives free education to underprivileged children.

“External beauty fades one day but your good and beautiful deeds for the society will always be remembered”, she says. However, Roama Sharma continues to get a lot of compliments for her flawless skin and beautiful eyes time and again but her definition of beauty is totally different as she believes that she has inherited this beauty from her mother so she doesn’t have any contribution in it, but the way she has fought against all the odds in her life, stood strong, tried to bring a revolutionary change in the society’s mindset, worked hard for making her identity and whatever she has achieved at such a young age is her ‘Real Beauty’. Roama believes that you can be a masterpiece and work in progress both simultaneously because the best project you can work is on your own self.

She gives the credit of her win to her husband, Sandeep Sharma, her daughters and everyone who supported and believed in her during the pageantry journey. Anjana and Karl Masceranhas, owners, DIVA Pageants are the most beautiful and inspirational people I have come across in my life, as they are in the constant process of woman empowerment and changing their lives, We need more such wonderful personalities in our society”, she smiles.

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