Four Key Ways On How To Invest In Yourself During The Lockdown

The everyday proliferating number of cases of the Novel Corona virus (COVID -19) worldwide has raised uncertainty and anxiety in our lives. Therefore our mental attitude and disposition must be redirected to battle against the somber atmosphere. This perhaps, is the perfect time to invest in ourselves.

Monotony can burden us, as it may seem that we are living within a confined space with no dynamism through this lock-down and so in retrospect, we must keep our mind engaged running through different activities, to not let the quarantine phase seem like a punishment.

  • Plan your everyday schedule :

There is an old adage – “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.”

When the human mind is idle, endless thoughts waver that could either result in positive or negative outcomes. In order to channelize our energy and intelligence, some sort of work needs to be given to the brain. A well planned day is a day well accomplished as it not only keeps one mentally active, but also helps to elevate our motivation to complete everyday tasks. The exuberant feeling of reward after completing our daily goals is a true mood booster that keeps away negativity, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Planning your everyday schedule involves writing down the set of goals to accomplish, the activities which are essential to achieve that goal with a set time and duration and most importantly, sticking to the course of action.

  • Acquire a new skill :

During this lock-down, we must try to immerse in the world of learning. In fact, learning is the sine qua non for a successful living.

Assimilating something new or acquiring a new skill improves cognitive capacities of the brain. It paves way for fresh ideas and possibilities.

From learning a new language to updating and strengthening our skills, there are a gazillion things we can do to sculpt the best version of ourselves while staying at home.

  • Assess areas of improvement and work on them:

Life before the outbreak of the pandemic seemed rapidly fast and different.  Time proved to be a major hindrance for self-introspection and development. Whether it is an unfinished, delayed project that you constantly kept pending or the exercise routine you never followed because of binge-watching television, this is the right time to assess our past actions and decisions. It is pivotal to focus not only on self-assessment but also on working toward taking necessary steps to achieve positive change including diverse areas of our lives like mental and physical health, personal and professional relationships consisting of growth, goals, overall performance and success. Hence, as individuals we must strive to create our own definition of excellence, setting success habits by implementing on them.

  • Network with people from home :

Eons ago, during the early man period, the chief purpose that communication served was survival. Communication in the millennial world has transcended this cause and is used not only as an instrument of survival but also for humans to thrive.  The modern modality of exchanging information and connecting with people has changed. With the advent of social media, world has shrunk. Within a fraction of seconds, one can connect with anyone from any corner of the world. As you spend more time indoors during this lock-down, take absolute advantage of the good opportunity to network with people online for personal or professional reasons that may turn out to be fruitful in the future run.

About the Author

Tenzin Chodon
Entrepreneur, Cross-cultural communication trainer, Executive Coach