The Gear S3: A Smartwatch Built For Your Lifestyle

Gear S3

Samsung’s Gear S collection is now complete with the addition of the new Gear S3. Merging the worlds of analog watch-making and mobile innovation, the device is one that boasts a traditional, premium design, standalone connectivity, life proof features and an expanded ecosystem.

Combining timeless design with the latest in mobile technology, Samsung’s Gear S3 is a smartwatch that was built to enhance your lifestyle.

The Gear S3 offers two bold, refined designs with sophisticated features such as standalone wireless network connectivity*, a built-in GPS, MST technology and IP68 dust and water resistance. Furthermore, enhanced personalization features, such as customizable watchfaces and interchangeable bands, allow users to make the device their own.

So, whether you’re an adventurer, an on-the-go professional, Super dad or a gearhead, it adds both convenience and fun to your everyday life. See how in the videos below.