‘Green Moon’ Bullshit

On “April 20th the ‘Moon will turn green for around 90 minutes and this happens only once in 420 years, because several planets are going to align.” That’s the message doing the rounds on social media with the picture pasted above. In fact, it has created quite a buzz and gone viral with sky lovers all in discussion as to how to ready for this once in many lifetimes event.
So is it true? Bullshit!
Once in 420 years and date wise 4/20 should have got across to you as “Chaar Sau Bees Bana Rahe Hai’. This is a Hindi phrase which simply says “you are being fooled”. Simply put, there won’t be a green moon on April 20, 2016 … or on May 29 or any other day ever. And the 420s in the message should have got your goat.
Anyway, on a serious note –it is absolutely untrue. So before you make plans to book at planetariums, or announce a party on your terrace to witness this so called extravagant event; think twice. Do a Google search and you will know that the green moon is not listed among the 2016 sky-watching events on any reputable astronomy website.
All of that notwithstanding, many appear to be still taking the ‘green moon coming phenomenon’ literally.