Growing Organic Food At Home Is Now Possible With The Help Of Herbert


Herbert is changing how fresh food is grown. Making it possible for everyone to produce locally at home. The in-house developed LED technology and hydroponic system allow for optimal growth of your plants all year around. This way you can harvest up to 40% more.

Herbert is a hydroponic vertical garden, which means that plants grow directly in water and no soil has to be used. This technology is also used by e.g. NASA for producing food crops on space exploration missions. This way planting needs less space, is clean and much more efficient.

Step 1: Put a seed into one of our biodegradable sponges, which are also used by NASA, and place the sponge in a little pot.

Step 2: Place the pot in Herbert, put one of our special seed caps on it until you can see a little seedling sprouting. Up to 15 plants can grow at the same time.

Step 3: Add water and organic fertilizer.

Step 4: Watch your delicious salads, herbs and fruits grow.


We’ve tested and analyzed various systems that are available on the market. There are many low cost countertop solutions but all of them lack the energy and size to be really productive.

Therefore, we created a true vertical farm with a strong LED light to save you space and let you grow, even in the coldest of winters. You can easily set the time when the light should be switched on and off.

Our specialized designers and prototype engineers put a lot of effort into designing a unique system, that saves you space while producing tasty and colorful vegetables, herbs, and fruits like strawberries faster compared to anything else available.

40% faster compared to traditional farming methods. You can grow a fresh head of lettuce within 4-5 weeks compared to 2-3 months. Making it possible to harvest 80-90 lettuce heads each year – every 4 to 5 days one!


Growing at home gives you full transparency of your food. You know what is in it: no GMO, no pesticides, no herbicides, all fresh and organic. Harvest it when you need it. This way you can reduce your food waste too.

These are some examples of greens that we offer to grow in Herbert. Herbert comes with a starter kit which includes 30 sponges, seeds and fertilizer. More sponges and seeds can be easily delivered to your home.






Our free app for Android and iOS will guide you through the growing process and will allow you to adjust the light settings to suit your needs.