Having An Art Attack?

Season 2  Starts On April 25th – The Art Room

Zee Q, Monday to Thursday, 2 p.m – 3 p.m

Summer vacations are here and between waiting for the kids’ results, planning a trip outside the city and panicking about what movies to let your kids watch on television, frazzled moms are a stressed lot.

In the midst of this, Zee Q, Essel’s dedicated channel for ‘edutainment’, brings Season 2 of their super popular art show, the Art Room for their prime target audience – kids and teens. Hosted by artist and sculptor Lalon, The Art Room’s first season took off in 2015 and was an instant rage with kids, who had been watching foreign shows on art and craft, but had been missing out on a local flavour and connect.

The Art Room 2

The host Lalon, despite being an grown up, is a fun and childlike entertainer who brings storytelling and fun to each episode, while turning bits and pieces into works of art that kids can easily make at home. This, with just the occasional help from an adult, if a child is really young. Lalon is also joined in by his guitar-strumming friend Vipin, to add some quirky music and lyrics to every episode

Colourful ants made from wooden spoons, vibrantly coloured paper baskets, a flying blue elephant made with Origami, handprinted gift-wrapping paper, clay ghosts, hedgehog pencil stands, yummy fake food …. an endless amount of creativity is unleashed on a child’s imagination!!

The Art Room3

A lot of thought and imagination has gone into planning each episode of The Art Room – whether it is the object, the materials used or the level of skill required to make it. The idea is to have fun while learning to look at ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

The Art Room4

The team of Rangrez Films ( also the makers of Raja Rasoi, Teenovation, Engineer This) has put a lot of he-ART in creating a playful and endearing crafts’ show, and Zee Q must be applauded for focussing on a target audience which had otherwise been missing out on a channel dedicated completely to them!

Funnily, even if you’re an adult, you’re still going to get hooked and want to go out and buy paints, glue and paper while looking at things to transform around your house!

Kids who miss any episode or want to make a specific object that they loved, can simply log on to their website (http://www.zeeq.in/the-art-room/#) and see a step-by-step tutorial and repeat videos. They can also create their own accounts and upload their original videos with instructions.

So all in all, lots of cool stuff to let your kids watch this summer, mommies … and you can join them too!

IndiaPages Rating: ★★★★

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