HP sets Guinness World Record by printing the longest line of photographs

longest line of photographs

Have a look at your average person’s smartphone camera roll and you’ll notice that making memories by taking photos is something they do every day.

What they don’t always do is preserve those memories in print.

As a leading maker of printers for consumers and businesses, it’s this idea that sponsored HP’s recent campaign, dubbed #ReinventMemories, which aimed to remind people of the joy of preserving memories not only by taking pictures, but also printing them out to keep or share with others.

HP collected 10,133 prints in Poland. As part of the campaign, Polish users uploaded and shared their favorite memories. The campaign culminated at a “printing party” where all participants were invited to print their memories on the world’s smallest All-in-One printer, HP’s own DeskJet 3700.

The campaign didn’t just make a statement in the advertising world, it landed HP one of the most recognized awards in the world: a Guinness World Record.

You read that right, HP set the Guinness World Record for the longest line of photographs.

When put into a line, the more than 10,000 photos stretched more than three-quarters of a mile, or 4,155 feet.

These photos – all 4 x 5 inches in size – were then used to decorate a 26 foot tall by 12.5 foot wide Christmas tree inside of Poland’s Wroclaw shopping mall.

Poland 3.jpg As part of the memory gathering, HP also wanted to give back to the community. For every memory sent in, HP donated to the Empowering Children Foundation, which supports children and their families.

The campaign was a reminder of the magic of printed photos, and the joy that printing can create. Winning a Guinness World Record was just icing on the cake.