Hyundai ‘VENUE’ First Made-in-India Connected SUV Unveiled Midst Arabian Sea

Hyundai VENUE

Hyundai Motor India unveiled India’s First Connected SUV – Hyundai VENUE alongside the Global Preview at the 2019 New York International Auto Show. The stylish SUV was unveiled in midst of Arabian Sea at a unique venue – Cruise Liner.

Speaking at the Unveiling of Hyundai VENUE, Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. said, “Today we are glad to unveil the Hyundai VENUE – India’s First Connected SUV at the most unique Venue. Hyundai Motor India is committed to lead the Indian Auto Industry by introducing world-class product. Hyundai VENUE will create quality time for customers making their life a Happy Life. Being India’s First Connected SUV not only makes Hyundai VENUE a New Benchmark in the segment but also demonstrates Hyundai’s unwavering emphasis on offering the highest quality and feature-rich products to the customers.”

“We believe the Hyundai VENUE will enable ease of life and empower the customers to have a safer, connected and more versatile car ownership experience. The advanced and intelligent Hyundai Blue Link will offer the customers control of their vehicle even when they are away from it.”

Development Concept

Hyundai VENUE is crafted step-by-step to meet the needs to Indian youth who seek future technology, Space, Comfort, Safety and Ergonomics with new age style. The development direction of Hyundai VENUE is defined by Solid Presence, Refreshing Driving Experience and Leading-Edge Seamless Connectivity. The core philosophy of VENUE stands for the 3rd SPACE which is trendy, unique, stylish and is a true representation of Hyundai’s newest connected SUV. Hyundai VENUE aims to create ease of life for the customers by being their connected friend on the go.

VENUE: The SUV Style Maven

VENUE conveys a Modern Design and Versatile compact package. For those constantly on-the-go, VENUE offers adaptability to the urban entrepreneur lifestyle many consumers experience in today’s fast-paced environment. From everyday workplace activities to weekend fun, Venue is a great fit in accommodating busy lifestyles with an abundance of playful and practical features including seamless Connectivity, Complete Safety and Peace of Mind.

The design of the new VENUE exhibits confident body forms, delivering a new interpretation of Hyundai’s signature design language. The vehicle side profile showcases a solid and full volume wheel arch and strong character line, while the front Bold Mesh Pattern Grille includes the new Hyundai signature face. This unique character line continues through the tail lamps.

Efficient Powertrain

In-line with Hyundai’s promise of unmatched performance and innovation in mobility, VENUE will have several firsts to its credit. It will be the first Hyundai India Model to offer in-house developed 7-Speed and power packed advanced DCT technology in addition to the proven 6 MT and 5 MT transmissions. The Kappa 1.0 Ltr Turbo (T) GDI Petrol Engine will also debut with the Hyundai VENUE along with the 1.2 L Kappa Petrol and 1.4 L Diesel Engine.

The Kappa 1.0 Ltr T-GDI engine is developed by Hyundai Motor Group’s R&D division will open new era of next generation engines – a perfect combination of performance and fuel efficiency. The 1.0 Ltr Kappa T-GDI has a compact lay out by integrating the exhaust manifold to cylinder head thus improving the fuel efficiency at higher RPM ranges.

Developed by Hyundai’s R&D Transmission team, the 7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) is highly efficient and has least torque transfer interruption while shifting gears. The transmission has been subjected to rigorous durability tests for ensuring High Gear Strength and better Clutch Friction Materials to offer the best performance at high speeds, off-road, hill-sides and harsh climatic conditions.

Engine & Transmission (ARAI Certification Awaited)

Engine Maximum   Power (ps)
Maximum   Torque
1.0   L
(Kappa   T- GDI Petrol Engine)
120 17.5
7 DCT & MT
1.2   L Petrol 83 11.7 5   MT
1.4   L Diesel 90 22.4 6   MT

Driving Performance (ARAI Certification Awaited)

Hyundai VENUE has been tested and evaluated at the most demanding conditions across the length and breadth of India to ensure it exceeds customers’ expectations in drivability and performance.

Exterior Dimensions

Length   x Width x Height 3,995   x 1,770 x 1,590 mm
Wheelbase 2,500   mm

Amenities, Comfort & Convenience

Hyundai is constantly thinking about customers and the quality of the cars that they would like to drive. This philosophy is evident in the Hyundai VENUE’s comfort and convenience features. It is truly the most perfect blend of style, proportion, architecture and technology. The SUV’s appealing interior space and comfortable cabin provide adequate space for the versatile urban commuter.

Hyundai VENUE comes with a host of Comfort and Convenience features including Electric Sunroof, Wireless Phone Charging, Air Purifier, Cruise Control to name a few.

Advanced Safety Technologies

Hyundai wants to make the lives of the customers safer and happier. Hyundai VENUE is a result of this continuous, consistent and innovative effort to create a car with utmost Passenger and Pedestrian safety. Built for ultimate driving pleasure and complete peace of mind, Hyundai VENUE boasts of Advanced Safety System providing the best Active and Passive safety for a stress-free driving. Built with the application of 69 % Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) + High Strength Steel (HSS), Hyundai VENUE achieves prominent Static & Dynamic stiffness with improved structural rigidity.

Advanced Connectivity and Multimedia Systems

Hyundai VENUE is India’s first Smart Connected SUV with the most advanced Connectivity solution- ‘Hyundai Blue Link’ which has an in-built and tamper-proof device powered by Vodafone-Idea eSIM and a Cloud-based Voice Recognition platform from Global AI (Artificial Intelligence) Company. The Hyundai Blue Link is Hyundai’s global technology which is introduced in the Indian market with 33 features out of which 10 are India specific features for most practical and holistic connectivity with Safety, Convenience and various Vehicle Management Relationship Services. The Hyundai Blue Link is set to herald a new era of smart connected cars in India. The Blue Link services will be complimentary for first 3 years and post which customers can further renew the services.

Hyundai is actively training a team of over 615 Blue Link Wizards who would be specialists in their field and in turn will train over 10,000 Sales Consultants. Approximately 9,000 Dealer Service Manpower will also be trained for any customer queries related to Blue Link Services across the wide network of Hyundai dealership and service touch points. These specialists will be able to handle any query related to the new technology. Among many firsts in the industry, Hyundai will install Blue Link Simulation app across dealerships to give their customers a connected in-car experience. This will enable the customers to have a firsthand feel of the technology.

Peace of Mind

Hyundai VENUE will provide complete peace of mind with 3 Years/unlimited kms Warranty and 3 Years Road Side Assistance. It will also offer the lowest cost of maintenance with doorstep service facility.

Feature List

Stand-out   Design
Advanced   Performance & Maneuverability
Amenities:  Comfort and Convenience
Reassurance   with High Level of Safety
  • Aggressive   Front Dark Chrome Grille
  • LED   Tail lamps
  • Projector   H/ lamp with LED DRLs
  • Outside   Door Handles Chrome
  • Shark   Fin Antenna
  • Projector   Type Fog lamps
  • 1.0L   Turbo PL Engine w/ 6MT
  •  7   Speed DCT
  • Electric   Sunroof
  • Cruise   Control
  • Air   Purifier
  • Wireless   Charger
  • Voice   Recognition
  • Arkamys   Sound
  • Rear   AC Vents
  • Cornering   Lamps
  • Glove   box cooling
  • 6   Airbags
  • Speed   Sensing Auto Door lock
  • ESC/ESP   & VSM (Vehicle Stability Mgt.)
  • HAC   (Hill Assist Control)
  • BAS
(Brake Assist   System)
–  Full   Connectivity –    Hyundai BLUELINK
  • Remote   Start, Door/Climate/Horn/ Light Control
  • Real-time   Traffic Information
  • POI   Send2Car (Destination Transfer)
  • Destination   Set in link with Schedule
  • Vehicle   Theft Notification/Track/    Immobilize
  • Share   My Car (APP Sharing)
  –         8” Touchscreen
          AVNT   w/ Apple
          Carplay   & Android

Hyundai VENUE: First-in-Segment Features

1.7 Speed DCT
2.Wireless Charger
3.Air Purifier
4.Projector Fog Lamps
5.HD Display Screen
6.Chrome Outside Door Handles
7.Wheel Air Curtains
8.Arkamys Sound
10.3 Years/ Unlimited kms Warranty
11.3 Years RSA

Hyundai Blue Link Connectivity Features

S.No Category Features Description
Auto   Crash Notification (ACN) In   case of any accident, an Auto call will be placed to the call center to   assist you with the emergency services like Ambulance or Police. The system   also informs the driver’s emergency contact numbers.
SOS/Emergency   Assistance In   case of emergency, Push SOS button on the room mirror and you can request   emergency services to call center, call center will assist you with the   emergency services such as Ambulance or Police
Road   Side Assistance In   case of vehicle breakdown, Push RSA button on the room mirror and you can   request breakdown services to call center, call center will assist you to   send RSA services to the spot
Panic   Notification In   case of any emergency/ panic, the system informs the driver’s emergency   contact numbers. They receive SMS that the driver is in a panic situation.   System turns ON honking and lighting to grab others attention
Stolen   Vehicle Tracking In   case of a stolen vehicle, Car owner with the support of Police can seek   assistance from Blue Link Call center for Tracking the vehicle location
Stolen   Vehicle Notification On   activation of Vehicle Burglar Alarm, the car owner will receive an SMS on   theft notification and can check the vehicle status remotely
Stolen Vehicle Immobilization
*Available   in Kappa 1.0T MT& DCT
In   case of stolen vehicle, the car owner with the support of police can also   seek for vehicle immobilization. Call Center can immobilize the car remotely.   Once the engine is off, the burglar will not be able to start the car again
Remote   Engine Start/Stop This   feature is applicable only on DCT vehicles. Turn On the Engine remotely at   the ease of sitting at Home. You can also turn OFF the vehicle from app   during remote engine start only
Remote   Climate Control This   feature is applicable only on DCT vehicles. Along with the remote engine   start, you can also set your desired temperature in the vehicle using your   mobile app
Remote   Door Lock/Unlock Lock/Unlock   the vehicle remotely using the mobile app
Remote   Horn Honk & Light Turn   ON the Horn & Flasher of your car remotely using the mobile app
Remote   Vehicle Status Always   be updated about your vehicle status like Engine, Doors, Climate etc.
Find   My Car Locates   your vehicle location using your mobile app
Share   My Car The   car owner (Primary user) can share his Blue Link services with his   family/friends (Secondary user). Blue Link registered secondary user can use   the Blue Link services of Primary user’s car from his mobile app
Vehicle Relationship Management (VRM)
Auto   DTC Check In   case of any malfunction with the important vehicle controllers like Engine   and Transmission, the car owner will be notified automatically.
Manual   DTC Check The   car owner also can diagnosis his vehicle manually. On manual diagnosis, the   infotainment system will check if there is any malfunction with the vehicle’s   important controllers like Airbag, Brake System, Steering System etc.
Monthly   Health Report Using   the Blue Link app, the car owner can check his monthly driving stats for   every month and also the vehicle health information in real time
Maintenance   Alert Based   on the User settings in the App, the information is provided to user that   it’s time to replace the consumable parts like Air Filter, Engine Oil etc.,   based on vehicle Odometer
Driving Information / Behavior Provides   user about the information of his total trip every day and driving behavior   for each trip will be displayed
Location Based Services (LBS)
Push   Map to car from App Search   your destination in the mobile app and push the destination to your car from   home. By the time user reach the car, the destination will be available on   AVN screen
Push   Maps by Call Center Push   Blue Link button on the room mirror and you can request your destination to   call center. Call center will push the destination pushed to your   infotainment system and the destination will be automatically set on your map   screen in the system
Live   POI Search With   server based POI search, user can never miss his favorite POIs as the latest   POI information (all over India) will be updated periodically
Live   Traffic Information Real   Time Traffic Information helps you to understand the traffic information   enroute and with Traffic based re-routing you will reach your destination   faster.
Share   The Destination You   can share your destination information to your friends/family through the   infotainment system.
Live   Car Tracking Live   Car Tracking from the mobile app enables you to track your car in near real   time.
Destination   Set in Link with Schedule Blue   Link app can sync with your calendar events. Any event associated with location   will be shown on the Blue Link app for the convenience of user to send that   location to the car.
Live   Car Location Sharing With   Blue Link app, the user can share his vehicle’s live whereabouts to   friends/family.
Alert Services
Geo-Fence   Alert User   can set a location boundary of where his car should be driven. If vehicle   location violates the user set boundary, an alert will be sent immediately to   the user
Speed   Alert User   can set how much maximum speed his car should be going. If the driver   violates the set speed, user will get an alert.
Time   Fencing Alert User   can set a limitation of time during which his car should be driven. If the   vehicle is driven during the set time, the user will get an alert of time   fencing violation
Valet   Alert Monitor   how the valet driver is driving the car by setting conditions (speed,   location and idle time). User will get a notification if the valet driver   violates any of the set conditions
Idle   Alert User   can set how much time his car should be idle. If the driver violates the set   idle time, user will get an alert. The feature will be helpful for the people   who are fuel-efficiency conscious.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Voice   Recognition-Indian English Indian   English based interactive Voice Recognition services that help you in interacting with the infotainment system with your voice. With Natural   Language Understanding in place, you don’t need to remember the commands to interact with your infotainment system.