Does India Need A Right To Water Act?

In the light of the severe drought conditions in Maharashtra and other parts of the country and the severe shortfall in water, citizens have been compelled to think of possible solutions to the water crisis that seems to be growing manifold with every passing year.

Sanjay Pandey, State secretary of the BJP, has now raised the all-important question of whether this nation really needs a Right To Water Act. Water Conservation as a subject has been very close to his heart for over a decade and he has been instrumental in providing relief to farmers in drought-stricken villages of by rushing water tanks, food and various other relief materials. Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay Pandey opined, “I have chosen to raise this issue to get people to start thinking on the serious problem of the water crisis that is now looming large over Maharashtra and also the nation. Water is the very basis for mere survival and the moot question here is should all citizens have an equal right to the available water resources within a state? I want citizens to deliberate and debate and I am sure great ideas will evolve and we will be able to address this issue.”

Sanjay Pandey’s extensive tours across villages of Maharashtra and the other parts of the country was a moving experience for him and he decided to initiate every possible short term measure to provide relief and also explore long term solutions to nip the problem in the bud. His efforts took concrete shape in the form of ‘MUMBAI WATER WARRIORS’, an organization he recently formed to spread awareness about water conservation and consumption. The organization further plans to regularly transport the water saved in cities like Mumbai to drought-affected villages of Maharashtra. Education and creating awareness is the very backbone of the strategy formulated at Mumbai Water Warriors.

His video on the said issue titled “Ek Bucket Pani Se Kya Ho Sakta Hai” has been well received by residents of Housing Societies and corporate organizations alike. In this interesting video, Sanjay Pandey effectively explains how if every citizen manages to save at least one bucket of water every day, it could translate to major relief for rural, drought-affected areas. The month-long campaign by Mumbai Water Warriors headed by Sanjay Pandey also proposes to spread the message across all age groups starting from children to senior citizens and engage one and all through exciting online competitions and offline events.

(“Ek Bucket Pani Se Kya Ho Sakta Hai” Script concept and Direction by Viveck Shettyy | Indus communications)

“Water is an integral part of human existence and we truly hope the efforts of all concerned make a tangible difference on the ground in ensuring water conservation and optimum utilization,” he says.

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