Indian Ice-Stupa Man Wows The Swiss

Indian Ice-Stupa Man - Sonam Wangchuk

Indian Ice-Stupa Man - Sonam Wangchuk full

While India is going all out to seek technology from the West and adapting it to our country, there’s one Indian who is being invited abroad, to share his knowledge and innovation, and making ‘India Proud’.

Indian Ice-Stupa Man - Sonam Wangchuk4

Sonam Wangchuk inspired the character of “Funsukh Waangdu” in 3 Idiots, but what he’s been doing for the cold, barren landscape of Ladakh is getting noticed around the world. The real genius is actually doing way more than you might have seen on screen.

The ‘Ice Stupa man’ as he is often called in the environment circles, is constantly working on developing ways to conserve the ecology and make the planet a better place.

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Wangchuk’s eco-friendly innovation of building Ice Stupas to conserve water to build artificial glaciers, and use the melting waters, made the Swiss Government sit up and take notice. They recently invited him to adapt this to their country.


As he shared on his Facebook post, after giving a talk at Rolex, delivering a special lecture at the University of Liechtenstein on innovation. he met glaciologists as well as authorities from the valley of St. Moritz on collaborating with Ladakh, to replicate the Ice Stupas in the Swiss Alps. The pilot project is due to start in winter, by the end of the year.


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