IPL brings a new twist to the Sport.

The Chairman of the Indian Premier League, Rajiv Shukla on Wednesday said that viewer’s in the stadium would get a chance to air their views  regarding decisions referred to  the Third Umpire.

He further stated that the viewers would be given a placard to state their views regarding whether the player is out or not out, which would be caught on camera and displayed on the screen, but would not affect the final decision of the Third Umpire.

This step has been taken to increase the involvement of the viewers at the stadium and could lead to further excitement.

A lot of questions are being raised regarding the current season of the IPL after two key teams Chennai Super Kings (2010 & 2011 winners) and Rajasthan Royals (2008 winner) have been suspended for two years.

Lets see if this move can regain the viewership and excitement amongst cricket fans.