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John Wick Chapter 2

John Wick came out of virtually nowhere and claimed action movie glory with some stunning fight choreography, as well as one of the best character performances of Keanu Reeves’ career.

John Wick Chapter 2 now has the added challenge of being a sequel to an established brand, with all the weight of fan expectations on its back. However, as you can now see in the John Wick 2 trailer, meeting expectations isn’t going to be a problem.

The trailer not only lays out a bit more of the story that propels Reeves’ hard-luck hitman back into the killing business, but it also offers a pretty impressive taste of how the sequel plans to up the ante on action the second time around.

“Whoever comes, I’ll kill them,” Reeves promises. “I’ll kill them all.” I have no doubt about it Sir!

It is  is directed by Chad Stahelski, who co-directed the first film, and finds Reeves’ character heading off to Rome to deal with a former associate, an international assassins’ guild, and a ruthless crime lord. The film also brings back screenwriter Derek Kolstad, who scripted the 2014 film.

Along with Reeves as the titular killer with an affinity for black suits, the cast also includes Wanted actor Common, as well as Riccardo Scamarcio, Laurence Fishburne, Ruby Rose, and Franco Nero. Several cast members from the original film also reprise their roles, including Bridget Moynahan, Lance Reddick, John Leguizamo, and Ian McShane.

Little though people know that Chad Stahelski, who co-directed the 1st part with David Leitch, played stunt doubles for Reeves in “The Matrix” trilogy.

John Wick: Chapter 2 opens in cinemas on February 10, 2017.

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