Key Highlights of Economic Survey 2018-19

Key Highlights of Economic Survey 2018-19
Key Highlights of Economic Survey 2018-19
State of the Economy in 2018-19 – A Macro View
Economic Survey Outlines strategic Blueprint to achieve Prime Minister’s Vision for $5 trillion Economy
Economic Survey Calls for a Sustained 8% Growth Rate for India to Become a USD 5 Trillion Economy by 2024-25.
Debt recovery mechanism strengthened with the enactment of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), 2016
Economic Survey 2018-19: General Government (Centre plus States) has been on the path of fiscal consolidation
India undertaking one of the world’s largest renewable energy expansion programmes
10.6 million foreign tourists arrive in India 2018-19 compared to 10.4 million in 2017-18
Government’s intervention essential to leverage Data as a ‘Public Good’, to unlock its benefit for larger betterment of Society: Economic Survey
Expenditure on Social Services increased by more than one percentage points as proportion of GDP during last five years: Economic Survey
Headline inflation based on CPI-C declined to 3.4 per cent in 2018-19; has continued declining trend for fifth straight financial year; below 4.0 per cent in the last two years
Over 9.5 crore toilets built across India since the launch of Swachh Bharat Mission
Performance of the banking system improved as NPA ratios declined and credit growth accelerated
A Robust and Resilient Infrastructure Needed to Create a Ten Trillion Dollar Economy by 2032
Nourishing Dwarfs to become Giants: Reorienting policies for MSME Growth
Incident of train collisions has come down to zero in 2018-19 in Indian Railways says The Economic Survey 2018-19
India’s Demography at 2040 : Planning Public Good Provision for the 21st Century
Deregulating labour law restrictions
National priority should be to shift from ‘land productivity’ to ‘irrigation water productivity’ and give special thrust to Micro Irrigation
Economic Survey recommends Investment in Well-Functioning Legal System, given its Potential Economic and Social Multiplier Effect
Priority for the Government is to ensure access to sustainable and clean energy sources;
India follows a holistic approach towards its 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Survey stresses reducing economic policy uncertainty in the country to promote investment
India need to increase its per capita energy consumption at least 2.5 times to increase its Real Per Capita GDP by $5000 per capita to enter the Upper-middle Income Group
India’s foreign exchange reserves continue to be comfortable
Effective Use of Technology for Welfare Schemes – Case of MGNREGS
Appropriate policy measures needed to lower the overall lifetime ownership costs of Electric Vehicles
Economic Survey calls for Redesigning a Minimum Wage System in India for Inclusive Growth
Application of behavioural economics can play key role in success of public policies and programmes: Economic Survey