Kyon Pet Collar Is Every Dog Lover’s Dream

Image Courtesy: Kyon

This is one of the best products you could buy for your pet and could play a  big role in the animal healthcare industry in future. We are talking about the KYON Collar which works together with a user-friendly mobile application, which allows you to monitor, track, and receive information or alerts. This through a KYON Basestation or your phone acts as a beacon between the collar and the outside world, through your home WiFi or cellular network.

KYON Main Features       

Never lose your pet

You can create a perimeter where your dog is in a safe zone from 65 to 300 ft. If your pet escapes that range, KYON 3D GPS Tracking on the collar is enabled and you are immediately notified. This is a brand new technology that locates your pet in 3-Axis, indicating even the floor that it is on. In addition, the KYON Collar also displays helpful contact information right on the collar, which will enable someone to contact you.

With KYON your pet never gets lost!

Heat protection

KYON is able to monitor surrounding temperature in real-time so just when your pet is getting hot, you will receive an alert on your phone and a message on the collar. KYON will also inform you of when your pet is feeling cold.

So you can always get to your pet in time.

Water sensor

KYON is the first pet collar with a water sensor that could prevent your pet from drowning; by immediately notifying you when your little one is in danger.

Dog fight “Pacifier”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow prevent a dog fight? With its unique pacifying technology, the KYON Collar will activate a high-frequency sound that can help prevent unnecessary trouble for your pet.

A gentle way to stop barking!

While barking can be an annoying behavior, it is relatively simple to calm your dog down.The first step is to activate the “Shh…!” feature on the KYON App. An ultrasound  – a discomforting but not at all harmful high-frequency sound –  that only your dog can hear, will be emitted from the collar and barking immediately stops !

Feel your pet’s mood with KYON Sense Technology

Being away from your pet for hours at a time is not easy. What if you could know how your pet is feeling all day long? With its 9-Axis accelerometer, KYON is able to monitor activity levels over time, so that you can constantly know if your little one is happy or feeling a bit off. KYON will warn you in time if your pet needs your attention.

Our Verdict

An amazing product for Dog Lover’s and you could back this Kickstarter here.

Image Courtesy: KYON