Laila Bhaidani Launches Her New Book And It’s About ‘Us…Mostly’

Author Laila Bhaidani

What happens when the love that you are waiting for all your life, mistakes you for someone else? Can a transgender ever have an everlasting love story? How is the life of a 50- yr old woman who requires permission to pee every day?  ‘Us…Mostly’ is a collection of stories of the lives of ordinary people around us. It is the twist of fate, the choices they make, the chances they take, and the intricacies of their emotions that makes the ordinary characters around us live an extraordinary life.

“These stories are in between the realms of right and wrong, black and white. It is about those human emotions that cannot be classified into stringent compartments and judged by stereotype moral standards. It is an ode to our love, our desires, our dreams, and our difficulties that shape each one of us into something we never thought we could become”, smiles the author, Laila Bhaidani, who has over ten years of experience in the field of education, creativity, and content development.

Laila Bhaidani book

Her personal favourite stories in the book include ‘Mutton Biryani’, ‘MayB’ and ‘Football’, to name some, though she is quick to point out that each story is special and relatable.

And does any story relate to her? “Well, I relate to each story. I absorb all the characters I write about in some way. Because I have felt deeply the joys, thrills, anguish and dilemmas of the characters I write about. It’s the only reason to write, to share with the readers these characters, their emotions and their individual journeys. With the belief that it will resonate with them”, she says.

This is her first fiction novel and she is already inspired to write more. In fact, Laila was also the winner of the ‘Femina Fast Fiction’ contest in 2014 (nationally), for her story “Unsung Melody”, which was published in their magazine.

Priced at Rs.150, this 160 pages book will be available at Crossword, and Amazon, Flipkart and other ecommerce websites. The interesting short stories novel will surely see the readers not wanting to leave the book till they’ve finished it!

About Laila Bhaidani

Laila Bhaidani writer Laila Bhaidani, besides being a writer, loves travelling and exploring myriad cultures of the world and their ethnic and culinary flavours, watching movies and plays, and is an amateur anthropologist. She is an adventure sports enthusiast, loves visiting history in books, films and architecture. She speaks, reads, and writes five languages.She hopes to travel the world and soak in the local: demography, cuisine, music, lifestyle, culture, and art in this life. She adores Rabindranath Tagore, Guns n Roses, Quentin Tarantino, Jhumpa Lahiri, Meg Ryan and Beethoven.She enjoys Latin dance forms like Salsa and Bachata, Jazz music, Adventure sports and Pilates. She is an ardent dog lover and is enthusiastic about photography, dance and art. You can connect with her at