The Latest Paytm App Update Is Out! Here Is What’s New

Paytm App

Here are the five bigger changes you would notice in the latest Paytm app:

The ‘Add Money’ feature is now single-screen. This translates into quicker load times and a faster user experience

Self-declared merchants can now accept up to Rs. 50000 directly in their bank accounts. The amount is settled at midnight every day and there are zero charges.

Now use your fingerprint as your Paytm password. It’s quick, easy and 100% secure. In case you want to know how to set your Paytm Password, click here.

Now pay anyone as they e-mail or WhatsApp you their Paytm QR Codes. Simply tap on the upper-right corner of the screen and tap on ‘Scan Paytm QR from Gallery’.

There is also a confirmation message that checks with the user before making the payment. If the recipient doesn’t have Paytm, the transaction will not be processed.

You can now tap on the ‘Paytm Community Forums’ option in your Paytm app and get your queries addressed by the 10 million active users on the platform. This huge base of active Paytm users will not only help you with general queries on Paytm but also act as an active community that encourages great conversations around our diverse use-cases.