Learn Yoga Through Periscope

For Yoga lovers across the country and within the city, it’s probably the best news waiting to happen as Yoga expertise and brilliance comes to you literally every second day through your mobile handset, in the form of a live broadcast through the periscope app.

Shammi Gupta,Yoga coach

Shammi Gupta,Yoga coach

Taking optimum advantage of a dynamic medium like Periscope and probably for the first time in the city and the country is the reputed Shammi’s Yogalaya , headed by Shammi Gupta,Yoga coach to reputed corporates, celebrities , sportsmen and other distinguished individuals. Her years of experience and expertise will now be presented in user friendly broadcasts through periscope, starting Monday, 30th May at 4pm. Each broadcast would be of a 10 minute duration . 3 Broadcasts per week , every Monday , Wednesday and Friday at 4 pm is the initial schedule drawn up by Shammi’s Yogalaya.

The first broadcast on 30th May would showcase the Suryanamaskar to perfection . The subsequent episodes during the week would also cover the ‘ Headstand ‘ and ‘ Yoga For Diabetes’ . Mumbaikars can literally learn their yoga lessons while at work , in transit or even at a coffee shop with their loved ones , courtesy Shammi’s Yogalaya. And this is just the beginning of a series of initiatives from this House of Yoga, Another three day, breath taking spectacle aptly titled, ‘Mumbai Yoga Fest’ promises to unfold itself on 19th June , coinciding with the International Yoga Day Celebrations on 21st June.

With an estimated 2000 participants and comprising of unique modules like the Suryathon Challenge , Pre Natal Yoga Session, Yoga For Senior citizens and many more; this fest promises to be a signature event for Shammi’s Yogalaya and the evolution of Yoga in the years to come . But for the moment, if you are looking for transformation , it could happen in real time in real life, on Periscope.

Just get going with the download and get life reloaded.. You can follow Shammi’s Yogalya on periscope @ShammisYogalaya and for free registration at the Mumbai Yoga Fest log onto www.facebook.com/ShammisYogalaya and www.shammisyogalaya.com