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Logan Trailer Review

The newest trailer for Logan is here, and it gave us a bit more insight into. Let’s take a closer look at this newest trailer by examining every scene to see what new information we can learn about the Logan, Charles Xavier, and Laura in the second trailer for the film.

The film may not be as post-apocalyptic as I originally thought. The trailer opens up with Laura in a gas station, eating some chips. She grabs a pair of sunglasses and is approached by the station employee who tells her she needs to pay for everything.

To this point, we were a bit under the impression that society had broken down. However, considering there’s a fully stocked gas station still operating, maybe we’re in a transitional period, before the world becomes completely dystopian.

This trailer isn’t shy about hiding the fact that Laura can hold her own in her fight. She flips over the attendant, and it looks like she’s about to punch him in the face. Luckily, Logan comes to the man’s rescue and tells Laura, “Not ok!”

While the gag of Logan stealing some cigars is worth talking about alone, from the looks of what else is available at the gas station counter, they’re in Texas for this part of the film. There’s no insight, at this point, to where they are headed or why.

This trailer makes it apparent that Charles, Logan, and Laura are all traveling together in a limo. We see a shot of the car traveling across what could be Texas or Oklahoma.

X-Men comics exist in the X-Men film universe. While looking through the books, Logan says, “Maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this. In the real world, people die.” This may refer to the great disaster that killed all of the X-Men, which was referred to in the first trailer. In the comics, Logan killed the X-Men. Will that still happen here?

We get a shot of Logan leaving the limo, which Xavier is in. It looks like Xavier will be a much larger part of this film than I originally thought. Apparently, during this scene, there is some sort of rift between them. There is something Logan doesn’t want to talk about.

Donald Pierce shows up with the Reavers, and they’re looking for Laura. This really isn’t new, since the first trailer dealt primarily with this. However, what Pierce says is new information: “I need the girl.” What does he need her for? This appears to be more than a hunt for a mutant. Could Laura have escaped from a Weapon X-like program that Logan was in, and the Reavers were hired to bring her back?

Logan is taken down very easily by Pierce. It seems like Logan tries to put up a fight, but he’s no match for this group. In the comic version of this story, Logan is against violence, so we’re wondering if that aspect of his personality was put into this film.

One of the Reavers was sent to handcuff Laura, and that didn’t go well for him. Laura walks out towards the mercenaries and lets her claws come out. The second trailer really hits on the fact that Laura is not someone to be messed with.

There’s a very quick and awesome scene of Laura slashing a Reaver’s throat. It’s hard to make out who the person actually is, but it does not look like Pierce.

The trailer takes a turn here, and the good guys are on the run. Laura jumps onto the hood of the limo, which Logan is driving. We also get a few scenes we saw in the first trailer of Laura killing a few people.

There’s a quick shot of Pierce standing next to a road while a bunch of cop cars drive by. And if you pay close attention to the sign in the background, they’re 15 miles outside of Ada, Oklahoma. There are a few places, in Oklahoma, where both those mile markers are accurate. I think they could be in outside of Roff, OK, which is somewhat close to the highway that runs from Texas to Oklahoma City.

In the first trailer, we saw this same shot. However, this time, it’s a bit extended, and we also get a reaction from Laura. The whole room is shaking, so maybe Xavier’s powers are running amok?

Finally, there’s a shot of Logan and Laura fighting together in the woods. It may not add a whole lot to the story, but it looks exceptionally cool. I’m thinking this isn’t the final battle of the film. Maybe this is when Logan finds Laura for the first time?

Logan claws its way into cinemas on March 3, 2017.

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