Lotus Ssutra’s Exquisite Silver Ornaments On Display

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An exhibition of exquisite silver ornaments crafted with art and passion by Lotus Ssutra will be on display and sale on July 19th at the Tulip Star, Juhu, Mumbai between 11am and 7 pm.

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Says Gitanjli Sahijwaala, founder “Lotus Ssutra is widely regarded as one of the most important, influential and sacred scriptures of Buddhism. Developed around the 5th century, a core theme of the sutra is the idea that all people are equal and without exception possess the inherent qualities of wisdom, courage and compassion. It states that there is a Buddha in each one of us.”

Lotus Ssutra’s exquisite silver ornaments are crafted with art and passion and seek to awaken the Buddha in its wearer. Handcrafted by the most talented and skillful artisans, silver is used primarily because it is an element that promotes revitalization, strength, focus and helps in the overall body repair. This Unique jewelry line is inspired by timeless wisdom, we wish to foster intelligence, good health, peace and prosperity in the lives of all our customers. Enlightenment awaits you each time you adorn a piece of Lotus Ssutra.


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Simply put as the store says “Every Lotus Ssutra woman is a Celebrity”.

Worth a visit…

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